• [07/07] Pre – Alpha stage launches!

Okay guys, I know the wait is killing you so we are going to allow you to download the client and get connected.

This is not even the official Alpha release yet so the amount of problems and bugs you will face will be huge, so if you are going to join in with us and expect everything to be running great then it is better you don’t download it yet.

There is A LOT of translating that still needs to be worked on, there is stuff in game that isn’t working correctly, there are things we have translated that might be named incorrectly, if you see anything that needs changing / fixing then head on over to the bugs section of the forum and post the issue (also post a possible fix if you have one, such as “this map is named X and it should be named Y”)

Registration still isn’t up and running so we are going to have to manually give everyone interested a user name and password, do NOT attempt to change the information that we give you, that can be changed once the game is released.

Once we give you your login and pass you will be able to login, make your own character and start playing.

We are still working on the game so if we need to reset the server we will give a quick announcement and reboot almost instantly, rebooting only takes 1 minute so you can relog almost straight back in, but we may have to reset a lot of times so please keep that in mind.

I can’t stress enough how not ready the game is yet, we want only constructive criticism, potential ideas and suggestions and a report of any bugs, wrong translations, wrong map names etc.. etc.. We don’t want and won’t have whining, disrespect, or any negative nonsense.

If you agree to the above terms and want to join in with us while we continue to work on the game then you can download the game on the main page under downloads.


After you download the client and install it you will have to go to WHERE IT INSTALLED, go to INI FOLDER, find the GAME_SET file, Right Click and Click Properties, then click the secruity tab, then click EDIT, select your username and tell it to allow all, click apply. ( I do believe booting the game in Admin mode will also fix the same problem)

PS: Remember once downloaded and installed and the above has been done then contact William or Christopher on the M&M: Reunited facebook group and we will create you a login and pass for you to get connected.

PPS: If you run into any bugs whilst trying to login to the game for the first time this page will help you.

  • [25/06] We did it!

After many, many weeks of hard work we have finally cracked it! We will be launching the test server very soon! Please bare in mind that this test server still need tons of work!

We’re also still working on the registration page and creating new accounts. We will keep you updated on our progress.

  • [30/04] Where we’re currently at.

We have been trying to get the server working on a personal computer for the purpose of fixing things/translating etc.. but we keep running into problems so we are currently looking at renting a server so that we don’t have the problems we have been having with networking. These are issues we anticipated which is why we stated things could potentially take many months.

We hope to keep you updated as much as possible but please still allow us the time to get things working and working
correctly for us all to enjoy 🙂

  • [24/04] The current team.

We keep getting messages about people wanting to jump in and help out which is great! But we have our team, it’s only a small team right now but it is a team that we all have 100% faith in and we know each other’s strength and weaknesses.

We honestly do appreciate all the energy surrounding this and appreciate every offer but when we do choose to expand the team we will shout out to you guys and go from there.

The team will be getting expanded but everything needs a great foundation so let us get the foundation right first 

Ps: just a reminder again that this will take time, we all work and have kids so we do have a lot to work around too but rest assured we are working hard and things will get there 

  • [22/04] Monster and Me test server launches!

We seem to have hit a small snag but we’re doing our best to resolve this issue! We will keep you updated on our progress.

  • [20/04] Monster and Me website and forum launch!

The Monster and Me website and forum have launched. Bare in mind that these are brand new and still need a lot of editing and updating.