Guild function

Where there are people, there is a circle. When people grow more, guild appears. Guild has a strong influence on players in the game. A strong, integral guild is a big help to guild members in terms of funding, pet, equipments, Kungfu and game experience. One player alone is not enough to support a powerful guild. It requires the whole-hearted support of every player.

Found Guild
Please click here to learn the details.

Join Guild
To join a guild, it requires level 50 or above. After you obtain the PK license, click on "JOIN Guild", then right-click on the guild introducer. You will be a guild member after his approval. The introducer must be a guild leader or veteran members.

Check Guild Status
Click on this button to enter the name of the guild you want to check, and system will show you the basic information of the guild. Click on guild leader to see the guild fund and the current online guild members.

Manage Guild
Click here to learn the details.

Loyal to XX
If you are unsatisfied with the guild leader and think someone else is competent for this position, you can pledge loyalty to him.

Eliminate Loyalist
If you don't want to support someone any longer, click on this to cancel your loyalty to him.

Request to Unite
If you are a guild leader, you can use this order to unite with other powerful guild.

Agree to Unite
Use this order to agree to unite with the demander.

If you are a deputy guild leaders and over 2/3 guild members have pledged their loyalty to you, you may cost 2 million dollars to bribe the government officials so that you can manage to usurp the position of guild leader. Otherwise you'll be degraded to a common member and all your money will go to waste.

Leave Guild
If you want to leave a guild, you must give 500, 000 dollars as the guild fund, or give 50,000 dollars and recommend another people to join the guild.