Found guild

The requirements for founding a guild
Not less than 800 levels; acquire PK license and enter the circle; Prepare $1,000,000 as guild fund. The Player who has joined a guild cannot found another guild.

The qualified players can click on "Found guild" in Guild menu to apply for founding a new guild. You need to fill in the following:

Name of Guild 
It's the guild name that will be shown above your head. Remember not to use very negative word, or it might be deleted.

Full Name of Guild 
It will be shown when you inquire about the guild. If you think the title is too short, you can give an explanation here.

Doctrine of Guild 
It will be shown upon guild inquiry. Use your imagination to attract people with the same aspiration.

Title of Guild Leader 
It will be shown on the character Window. So try to make it look more formidable.

Title of Member 
Make it sound better; otherwise other players might not want to join.

Enter your choice and click OK, the system will announce to the world you have successfully founded a guild.