Guild house

AAA level guild can occupy a map and set up guild house there. Lord Wu (20,20) in Peace Hall of Palace is selling guild houses. Click on him to take a look of guild house samples.

Samples have been face-lifted together with furniture and decoration, which are sold separately.

There is a NPC in charge of selling guild houses in every entrance to sample houses. You can talk with NPC to visit or buy.

There are five kinds of guild houses: Classic style, Southern style and Western style, etc. Once guild house is chosen, Guild Leader or Deputy Guild Leader can talk to NPC and pay $30,000,000 with guild fund and get a Guild Card. Take it to NPC at the entrance, and get a house license (Basic requirement: AAA Level guild with fund no less than $30,000,000).

After that, take house license to a map to settle down guild house. As soon as guild transport NPC is set up, guild house is completed. One map can only be occupied by one guild.


1. If a guild occupies a map successfully, Guild Card will be taken back. If house license is lost before occupying a map, with Guild Card, you can come to NPC for another one. However, if Guild Card is lost, nothing can make it up.

2. Except cities, Hua Mountain, Heaven, Hell, grotto, narrow path and bridge, any map suitable for battle can be occupied. Here is the map list:

Water City Suburb, Wind Plain, Hill of Tear, Qua- Bridge Plain, Sunrise Bridge, Leisure Garden, Bamboo Forest, Resent Cave Entry, Sword Valley, Stone Cave Entry, Western Dock, Dry Well Plain, Soul Lost Cliff, Sunrise Bridge Head, Eastern Dock, Bluff, Moon Bridge, Silver Valley, Eastern Oasis, Golden Valley, Goose Valley, Horse Valley, Hua Mountain Peak, Love Valley, Buddha Grotto, Moon-scene Valley, Drunkard Tomb, Sand Plain, Quicksand Plain, Lonely Pavilion, Maple Forest, Cooer Hut, Home Pavilion, Watching Forest, Dusk Path, Print Valley, Snow Plain, Pine Plain, Treading Plain, Green Valley, Spring Plain, Yellow Hill, Bird Valley, Narrow Path, Single Wood Plain, Spring Bridge, Thaw Valley, Smoke Valley.