Guild transport

Transport among the same guild in different maps can be accomplished by clicking on Guild Transport NPC.

First, add a post house and make it one of transport sites in maps occupied by your guild. Then change transport fare from one site to the other. Minimum fare is $1,000. If the fare set by guild leader is less than $1,000, it will be defaulted as $1,000 by system. Transport revenue is transferred to guild fund automatically; meanwhile $1,000 of handling fee is deducted by system. Canceling post house is the same as adding post house.

1. Only Guild Leader and Deputy Guild Leader can add or cancel a post house.
2. The guild member is charged $1,000 no matter how much the fare is.
3. Only if two maps have both added post house, can transport be bi-directional. Otherwise, it would be one-way transport.

Guild L occupies Map A and Map B. Click on Guild Transport NPC of Map A, then click on Guild Transportation => Add Post House. In this way, Map A appears in Transport Menu of Map B. Afterwards, change transport fare, say $2,000. Thus, transport from A to B or any other maps occupied by Guild L costs $2,000(Guild Member of L is charged $1,000 only). However, if Map A is added post house, while Map B is not, transportation is available only from Map B to Map A, that from Map A to Map B is failed. Therefore, Map B should be added a post house. As a result, transport between Map A and Map B is bi-directional.