How to use the wuxing oven

The Basic Concepts of Heaven and Earth Oven
Taoist believes that everything in the world is composed of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, the five elements. They all have their own corresponding attributes. Everything in the oven will be returned to the five elements under the effect of the Essential Fire, and form into new items according to certain rules. That's how the Oven works. To put it simple, you throw like everything into the Oven and get new stuff.

How to use
Using the Oven is simple: first you get a oven by fulfilling certain missions, then click the commands of "Heaven and Earth Oven", throw pets, items even money into the oven, system will ask you what's the main element of the refining element. After choosing the main element, the system will predict the result of refining. If the result is desirable, continue the process, otherwise readjust the position of item, maybe there will be some nice surprise.

The rules of refining 
There's a main element in every refining. The other items you can put in together vary from 1-7, according to your refining experience.
In most case, In most case, the main element decides the type of the product. The inside mechanism of the oven involves very complicated calculations, so if you don't want to be a specialist in refining, just quit the reading. Use the preview function of the system more often, you will become familiar with the rules gradually.

(1).The following rules only work with refined items. There will be some difference if you use the bought items to refine.

(2).The refined item will change not only in attribute, but also in required level. In refining, reinforcing or weakening certain attribute to obtain the using level suitable for you.

1.Refining with gears as main element

Gears include weapons, defensive item, shoes, head and body adornments. This kind of refining still produce the same gears, but there will be changes in gear attribute according to "minor items". The rules of change follow the relationship of the five elements.

Gears all have their own specific attribute: weapon=fire, defense= metal, shoes=water, body adornment=wood, head adornment=earth. ( body adornment means gears increasing your internal power, other body adornments are treated as special items. )

When two gears are used to refineļ¼š

If the gears belong to the same type, then the main attribute of the gear will increase. If two pairs of shoes are refined, the one with higher speed will appear.

If the attribute of the main gear is in favor of the minor gear, then the attribute of the minor gear will be higher in the product. For example, if weapon ( fire attribute, add attack value)as main gear, and head adornment ( earth attribute, add hitpoint ), then the product might have the ability to add more hitpoint.

If the attribute of the minor gear is in favor of the main gear, then both gear's corresponding attribute will increase, but mainly in the main gear part.

If the main item is against the minor item, then the attribute of the minor item in the main item will decrease ( even become negative ). This kind of refining is very important. For example, you have a sword with 500 points attack and 8000 required level, and you got only 3500 level, in that case, you can reduce the attribute in defense which is less important, until the level requirement for this sword drop to 3500.

If the minor item is against the main item, then the attribute of the minor item will be reduced directly in the main item. The better quality the minor item has, the more this attribute will be reduced. For example: If weapon ( Fire, add attack ) is refined together with shoes ( water, add speed ), then the product with have lower attack points. 
Use the above rules flexibly, you will get the most suitable gear for yourself.

2.Refining with pet as main item 
When pet is the main item, the products will be different with different minor items.

When pet is refined together with pet, you might get gears, medicine, stealth weapons and poison, etc. That depends on the different positions the main item resides in the Oven and its five attributes relationship with the minor item.

When pet is refined with the gears, it will have "reinforcing" effect, which is a very important function of the Oven.

Reinforcing means reassigning the attribute points of the pet according to the attribute of the minor item, provided there's no change in level. Don't you have a butterfly with extremely high speed and very low defense? Now you can reassign some points from speed to defense now! The effect will be retained through composing.

So, after careful management and use well the reinforcing and composing system of the Oven.

You also need to notice that the points you can move is related to the quality of the minor item. You can also reinforce the pet again, but the effect can not be added up, the previous effect will be replaced by the current reinforcing.

3.Refining with medicine, poison, and stealth weapons as main item
It mainly produce better medicine, poison and stealthy weapon.

4.Money as main item 
It only works with pet as minor item, the outcome is like selling the pet directly. The price is decided by refining experience, pet position, the amount of money as main item.

The second term function of the Oven

This function is about refining special effect medicine with secret recipe, it usually comes with missions, so be careful.

Related information:
The relationship between the five attributes and eight diagrams

The five attributes are:
Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The eight diagrams relationship: Qian, Zhon belong to Metal, Shen, Gen belong to Earth, Zhen and Xun belong to Wood, Kan with Water and Li with Fire.

So, according to the five attributes restraining relationship: Water is against Fire, Fire is against Metal, Metal is against Wood, Wood against Earth, and Earth against Fire, you can easily get the restraining relationship between the eight diagrams: Kan is in against of Li, Li is against of Qian, Zhon, Qian and Zhon is against Zhen and Xun, Zhen and Xun is against Shen and Gen, Shen and Gen is against Kan. And also, with the generating relationship between the five Attribute: Water is in favor of Wood, Wood is in favor of Fire, Fire is in favor Earth, Earth is in favor of Metal, Metal is in favor of Water, we can conclude that Kan in favor of Zhen and Xun, Zhen and Xun is in favor of Li, Li in favor of Shen and Gen, Shen and Gen in favor of Qian and Zhon, Qian and Zhon in favor of Kan.

The five attributes setting in Monster & Me:
Press CTRL+F1, you'll see the whole map of Monster & Me

Among them, Central plain is in Earth attribute; Western desert and Hell is in Fire attribute; Northern Scenery and the Ocean is in water attribute; Laputa is in Metal attribute; Southern Seashore is in Wood attribute.

Know the relationship and use them with the attributes of the maps to perform forging and composing, even the elder spirit should pay you certain respect.