The wuxing oven interface

According to the ancient laws of Taoism, everything in the world consists of five elements. They are: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal. These elements all react with each other in different ways. The Wuxing Oven uses the theory of the five elements to allow you to make items and equipment.  

Wuxing oven

Using the Wuxing Oven

  1. Click the advance button on the top right of your game window, then select Wuxing Oven and the Wuxing Oven interface window will open.
  2. On the left side of the screen are the pets and items that you have with you in your inventory, below this you'll find an option to add money to the oven. You can increase the amount of money you add to the oven in units of 1000 silvers.
  3. Drag the items/pets/money into the slots in the Wuxing oven, then right click the item you wish to set as the main element. (This is what the whole Wuxing process will be based on, for example setting a sword as the main element will produce some sword related item.)
  4. Before pressing start, select Preview so you can check what kind of item you're about to produce, this may save you from terrible mistakes and losses.
  5. When you're ready, press "Start" and your item will be produced. You can rename the item from the inventory window. 

Creating your first item

Here is a small example of an item you could make using the Wuxing Oven, there are thousands of combinations and special rules and techniques for you to learn, however creating poisons is very useful indeed. 

Shopping List

1. Purchase the following items:  

Hallucinogen: Water City Drugstore, Doctor.
Pricker: Water City, Blacksmith.

2. Open the Wuxing oven, then place the poison at slot 9 and the Pricker at slot 6. 
3. Right click the pricker to set it as the main element.
4. Press "Start" and then a poison will be made.
5. Keep repeating steps 2 - 4 only using the same poison and buying a new pricker, eventually you'll end up with a poison that can deal a hefty 5,000 points of damage. 

This poison has many other uses in the game, especially for powering up items however that is for you to discover!