Mortal Training

This training guide is written for training with your Toturtle. If you are training with a different pet, it is not recommended that you use this guide.

Stats Allotment
You should add your points to dexterity, only enough to be attacking first during battle. The rest should go to defense only. Do not add points to Mana, Attack or Life. In this guide the dexterity needed to be attacking first is written however it is not 100% correct so you may need more. It is best to test it out first before adding all of the reminding stats to defense.

The dexterity needed should be your overall dexterity and not your base stats.

Note: Some people will say that adding so much defense is crazy but please do not say that unless you manage to get yourself to level 800. You really need as much defense as possible, if you don’t you will find yourself training at level 400 areas when you are level 600. You want to aim for monsters to do 1 damage to you and your pet so you can save money instead of using it for expensive hp drugs.

This guide is designed to train with your Toturtle and the areas stated here on this guides generally contain fire pets which your Toturtle will have no problem killing in one hit. If you don’t have the defense you may find it very difficult to pass level 600.

Off course some of you may want to be able to PK which means you need loads of attack points, but your stats will reset each time you advance or reincarnation so allowing you to change to PK or other types of stats once you are at a higher rank. Mortals and Basic Gods only gain 3 stats points each level, all other ranks will gain 4 stats points which will allow you to have good defense and good attack stats.

Extra Info
You may find that your Toturtle will train faster than you. It does not matter because pet generally have lower experience requirement to level up. You should change areas according to your own level and your own dexterity unless your pet is lower level than you, then you should move according to your pet’s level and dexterity.

The beginning

You’ll start off in the tutorial area, simply follow what the characters have to say by right clicking their bodies, you’ll gain modest amount of cash. If you speak to the blacksmith in the final room of the tutorial (a room full of people) you’ll also gain your first piece of armour which you should equip immediatly.

When you leave the tutorial area, you’ll emerge at Water City Fountain, before you train you should do the newbie quest since this will give you some money, experience and a new pet as well as teaching you a little about how the questing system works. First of all speak to the green fairy by the fountain called Geniva, she’ll explain the situation to you, accept her quest and you’ll be taken to a new area.

In this new area jump across the bridge and speak to the large pink fairy who will brief you on what you need to do, she’ll give you some runes and then send you to Dream land. Basically in the next area you’ll find a yellow dragon by jumping to the south, you need to confuse him by transforming into different monsters and get him to give up his position.

To use the runes which disguise you, open your inventory and then double click the rune. You’ll transform into a monster. Try speaking to dragon in a variety of forms. Eventually you’ll transform into a monkey (MonRune). Speak the dragon to initiate a battle. You’ll beat the dragon in just a few hits. When you win you’ll receive a Dragon Squama which you should take back to the Pink Fairy. She’ll exchange it for a pet Hedgehog. Speak to the Pink Fairy once more to return to Water City.

Now you should concentrate on raising your level for a while.

Training Guide

Lv 1-25
WaterCitySuburb Lv3 Nava [Wood], Lv4 Cindyfly [Water] (Dex: 6)
WaterCitySuburb Lv10 Metnail [Water], Lv10 Luturtle [Water] (Dex: 8)
WaterCitySuburb Lv20 Luturtle [Water], Lv25 Monifly [Water] (Dex: 23)

Lv 25-30
WindPlain (44,91) Lv25 Solicroc [Water], Lv30 Hedgelog [Metal] (Dex: 16)

Lv 30-40
HillOfTear Lv35 Luturtle [Water], Lv35 Monifly [Water] (Dex: 27)

Lv 40-50
QuaBridgePlain Entrance Lv40 Hedgetop [Metal], Lv50 Birnue [Metal] (Dex: 47)

Lv 50-65
Moon Bridge Lv60 Luturtle [Water], Lv50 Poticroc [Water] (Dex: 32)
Note: At this point you should have about 3K. Start making 5K poisons and sell to players by setting up vendors in areas like Water City, WaterCity Suburb and Tree City. Sell it for about 10-20k each, check to see how much others are selling it for.

Lv 60-75
Sunrise Bridge Lv75 Luturtle [Water], Lv60 Solicroc [Water] (Dex: 84)
Note: Do the Courage Armour quest to obtain an armour with 150 defense for level 50.

Lv 75-82
QuaBridge Plan (33,64) Lv70 Luturtle [Water], Lv80 Hedgelog [Metal] (Dex: 40)

Lv 82-95
LeisureGarden Lv90 Monifly [Water], Lv70 Luturtle [Water] (Dex: 113)

Lv 95-100
MoonBridge (7,15) Lv95 Birsue [Metal] (Dex: 96)

Lv 100-130
SwordValley Entrance Lv121 Cindyfly [Water], Lv101 Poticroc [Water] (Dex: 104)

Lv 130-170
SwordValley (40,37) Lv158 Cindyfly [Water] (Dex: 135)
Note: Save all the Fire Volumes that you find, you will need them for later. If you really need money then sell a few but try and save as many as possible.

Lv 170-200
BambooForest (22,11) Lv191 Hedgehog [Metal] (Dex: 125)

Lv 200-300
ResentCaveEntry (64,56) Lv282 Hindog [Fire] (Dex: 241)

Note: Would be good to make a 1k Defense for level 1k armour and 1k Dexterity for level 1k shoe at this point. Once you have the armour and shoe you won’t have any problem with defense and dexerity to get you though to Basic God. If you do not have the armour and shoe you will find that you will struggle to train at the places listed below.

Lv 300-380
SilverValley (42,35) Lv414 Chindog [Fire] (Dex: 368)

Note: You may want to consider doing the quest for Geographer Wang to earn Yellow Box Keys, this will give you the chance to earn some money and items in the Treasure Crypt. You may also get the rare Mountain Volume. 

Lv 380-430
BrassmanCave (82,45) Lv424 Wandog [Fire] (Dex: 435)

Lv 430-530
GeneralValley (61,43) Lv530 Pussifox [Fire] (Dex: 516)

Lv 530-600
QuickSandPlain Lv606 Confubox [Fire], Lv595 Ostrichon [Metal] (Dex: 898)

Lv 600-640
HorseValley (37,42) Lv626 Confubox [Fire], Lv630 Sprimouse [Wood] (Dex: 770)

Lv 640-820
BanditCaveEntry (24,24), Lv808 Confubox [Fire] (Dex: 775)
Note: Advance to Basic God once you have reached level 800.

Lv 820-865
BrassGrottos1 (35,49) Lv861 Playmouse [Wood], Lv828 Heabear [Fire] (Dex: 658)

Lv 865-1015
BlueWaterCave (26,15) Lv909 Menkey [Wood], Lv1010 Confubox [Fire] (Dex: 540)

Lv 1015-1120
BrassGrottos2 (37,48) Lv1111 Eleblue [Wood], Lv1090 Seabear [Fire] (Dex: 1780)

Lv 1120-1200
DragonCave1 Lv1191 Playmouse [Wood], Lv1150 Heabear [Fire] (Dex: 1730)