Known issues.

Posted on: Sun, 11/25/2018 - 13:23 By: William

- In-game issues:

  • @@@@ text (that is Chinese text that hasn't been translated into English yet). We are still looking for Chinese translators. If you are willing to help please contact William[PM] on the Monster and Me: Reunited facebook page.

Client issues:

  • Cannot play .avi files (temp. solution: right click on HL_Client.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility mode -> Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 98 / ME or Windows XP)
  • After you created your character you will get a popup with weird text characters. The popup is telling you you've successfully created your character and you need to restart your client to be able to log into the game.
  • Drop down menu lines remain after closing the drop down menu (temp. solution: restart client - only happens when running client in comp. mode)

- Account issues:

  • Registration not working (please contact William[GM] on the Monster and Me: Reunited facebook page and he will create you an account). We are currently working on getting registration up and running. Will hopefully be up before the end of the year.