Alpha stage launches!!!

Posted on: Sun, 03/31/2019 - 15:54 By: William

Hey guys.

We are going live with the Alpha launch today!

But before I go into that let me start with apologising for the lack of updates.

Whilst we were and continue to be in constant contact with each other and working on things behind the scenes we ran into problems with our personal lives, too much to go into which meant we didn't have time to do regular updates like we would normally like to do, but none the less our apologies for the lack of updates and responses.

Ok onto what really matters! We will be releasing the official Alpha release of Monster & Me: Reborn, for the most part everything will look as you remember it but during Alpha we will be continually updating things, what we would like you guys to do is register via the main page and jump in game and test as much of the game as you can and update us with any bugs or errors you get.

The testing includes anything game related, even testing the registration process itself and character creation. We welcome all feedback, we only ask you be constructive with the feedback and explain things to us so we can better understand and fix them ASAP, hurling abuse at us isn't constructive and will most likely be ignored and removed (I don't think this will be a problem but it needed to be said).

Some of our main goals during Alpha is to completely remake the lore of the game, or should I say actually add some lore to the game, this will include a background story to the realm of Monster & Me: Reborn and also new storyline within the game which will bring more NPC's and quests to interact with during your journey.

To get started you'll need to go to the main page, You will then need to Register an account, once registered you should click download and then follow the instructions in there.

Please take the time to read the instructions correctly as you will run into issues and the answers will be in there.

We would also like to take a moment to touch on password security. The original Monster & Me game server did not secure your passwords. They were stored in the database in plaintext, meaning anyone who got their hands on the database, be it us or hackers, could read your password. This is bad news, and is certainly not secure. It's 2019, and we value your privacy. So we put in a considerable amount of work to ensure your passwords were protected. Our Monster & Me game server and website now follow best practices for storing passwords. They are hashed and salted, and we can never view them, so your passwords will remain safe.

The client that is available now is the one we will use during Alpha, we are still working on a completely new client for when the game is fully released.

We are using a new forum, please give us feedback about this directly on the forum and for all game related issues too.

The account you make on the main page will be an all in one account, that will be the same info for in game and the same info for the forum so you won't need all different login and passwords. It's a new tested system for us but we hope it makes things much cleaner and smoother for us all.

We look forward to seeing you in game and receiving all the feedback, Take care guys.

Best Regards.
(M&M:R Team)