5K poison and Basic Wuxing

Posted on: Sun, 04/07/2019 - 08:42 By: William

Starting off Wuxing To Open your Oven
The City which we all begin our game is known as Water city. The NPC you need to find in the City is. NPC BasicWuxingHelp. Follow the instructions and your oven will be able to be opened for use.

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So basically wuxing is the art of making items using other items to make one item…editing pets stats, making armor shoes and weapons powerful…etc.

To get started the most basic item to wux is a 5k poison(can sell for 10k-20k each)

It is simple too…just get poison and wux a pricker into it then another pricker…and another pricker until it hits 5k poison

Now…when poison is done u can either sell em in wc or somewhere or wux em into an item to improve stats

Also…if u get too high item…u can lower the requirement by lowering a type of stats…

like for example…900 defense armor…u wux a mana belt into it to -some mana to lower the requirement of armor





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