Water Quest guide

Posted on: Sat, 06/08/2019 - 11:14 By: William

(Guide created by CriM)

WaterToken 1

NPC: KnightTurtle
Location: WesternDock (53, 78)
Task: Seek out Rhathymia (20, 10) in Hua Mountain Pavillion.
Acquire: CandleCMD
Next: Return to KnightTurtle
Reward: WaterToken 1


WaterToken 2

NPC: Verdy
Location: Sword Valley (38, 44)
Task: Acquire MaizePill. Seek out Cuttie in Leisure Garden (21, 24)
Acquire: MysticFarina
Next: Return to Verdy
Reward: WaterToken 2


WaterToken 3

NPC: Dugly
Location: Sand Plain (31, 5), Sand City/Western Desert Area
Task: Fight Five (5) level 500 Solicroc
Reward: WaterToken 3


WaterToken 4

NPC: Passion
Location: No Return Shore (54, 40), Seashore Region
Task: Seek out Knoly in Soul Lost Cliff (11, 36), near Tree City, and acquire BlueGrass.
Next: Return to Passion
Reward: WaterToken 4


WaterToken 5

NPC: Pricky
Location: CooerHut (61, 41), Seashore Region
Task: Seek out Maze in Sunken City (48, 12), Ancient City Site (Sand City/Western Desert). Fight seven (7) Luturtles and acquire Necklace.
Next: Return to Pricky
Reward: WaterToken 5


WaterToken 6

NPC: Ban
Location: Phoenix Valley (26, 52), Seashore Region
Task: Give NPC a level 500, 100 loyalty Toturtle
Reward: WaterToken 6


WaterToken 7

NPC: Mozzy
Location: Green Cave (10, 34), Sand City/Western Desert Area
Task: Receive #ChallengeA. Seek out Wozzy (10, 29) in Moon Scene Valley. Fight seven (7) level 900 Sealions, receive #ChallengeB.
Next: Return to Mozzy
Reward: WaterToken 7


WaterToken 8

NPC: Eggfish
Location: Wandering Forest (10, 31), Seashore Region
Task: Receive #Investigation. Seek out Ancestor (60, 96) in Tree City. Seek out Crocodile in Hill City (70, 107). Fight seven (7) level 1100 Poticrocs. Earn #CrocBone. Return to Ancestor in Tree City. Receive #Necklace
Next: Return to Eggfish
Reward: WaterToken 8


WaterToken 9

NPC: Genipha
Location: Water City (61, 4)
Task: Receive #Necklace. Seek out Lizzy (12, 48) in Blue Cave (Sand City/Western Desert Area) Fight seven (7) level 1300 PinkFairies. Earn #HolyFeather.
Next: Return to Genipha
Reward: WaterToken 9


WaterToken 10

NPC: DuckBan
Location: Hill City (76, 38)
Task: Receive #Proxy. Seek out DuckGan (26, 42) in Oasis (Sand City/Wester Desert Area) Fight nine (9) level 1300 Sealions. Earn #OasisWater. Talk to DuckGan once again. Receive #Letter Alternative: Talking to MonsterGuard (51, 40) in Oasis will start battle as well.
Next: Return to DuckBan
Reward: WaterToken 10


WaterToken 11

NPC: Genima
Location: Snow City (92, 56)
Task: Seek out Thief (80, 53) in Thaw Valley. Fight seven (7) level 1500 Karates. Earn #RosyDress.
Next: Return to Genima
Reward: WaterToken 11


WaterToken 12

NPC: Crabed
Location: Deaf Hell (44, 16)
Task: Receive #IdentityCard. Seek out Dark Angel (20, 30) in Iced Hell. Fight nine (9) level 1700 Gianblues. Earn #LeavePermit.
Next: Return to Crabed
Reward: WaterToken 12


WaterToken 13

NPC: Ouou
Location: Single Wood Plain (39, 27).
Task: Receive #Request. Make #SuperPoison. Fight in map until you receive #EnhancedDart and #MagicPoison as battle rewards. To make, use WuxingOver: place #EnhancedDart in slot #1, #MagicPoison in slot 7. Set poison as main.
Next: Give #SuperPoison to Ouou
Reward: WaterToken 13


WaterToken 14

NPC: Pealion
Location: Tree City, Pet Store
Task: Receive #Deed. Seek out Bandit (36, 14) in Stone Cave Entry. This is the bandit on the left. Fight nine (9) level 1900 Purifoxes. Earn #Reward Alternative: Pay 50,000 to Bandit.
Next: Return to Pealion.
Reward: WaterToken 14, Level 1 Cindyfly


WaterToken 15

NPC: Bobo
Location: Root Valley (16, 17), Seashore Region
Task: Receive #Letter. Seek out Water Ancestor (55, 30) in Violet Grotto 1 (Bandit Cave/Western Desert Area) FIght nine (9) level 2100 Mermaibers. Earn #Identity
Next: Return to Bobo
Reward: WaterToken 15


WaterToken 16

Location: Grinding Hell (12, 39)
Task: Receive #Letter. Seek out Crabed (44, 16) in Deaf Hell. Receive #Gift
Next: Return to Wealy
Reward: WaterToken 16


WaterToken 17

Location: Eastern Dock (33, 17)
Task: Receive #Book. Seek out Tolicrocs (82, 54) in Western Dock. Fight ten (10) level 2300 Tolicrocs. Earn #Lesson
Next: Return to Tolicroc
Task: Have a level 999 Cindyfly with 100 Loyalty
Reward: WaterToken 17, +201 to Cindyfly


WaterToken 18

NPC: Crabia
Location: New Hill City (73, 85)
Task: Acquire #Necklace. Seek out Doubt (84, 50) in Ocean City.
Next: Answer Question (Top Left Choice: Power). Receive #AnswerA. Return to Crabia
Reward: WaterToken 18
Note: To access OceanCity you'll need Eggfish, Pingpongfish, or Ballfish.


WaterToken 19

NPC: Poticroc
Location: Snow Plain (37, 42), North Plain
Task: Seek out WiseThief (34, 12) in Sunrise Bridge Head. Fight ten (10) level 2500 Coliphants. Earn #SacredBall. Return to Poticroc.
Reward: WaterToken 19


WaterToken 20

NPC: Luturtle
Location: Bombing Hell (30, 41)
Task: Acquire #Letter. Seek out Genima (92, 56) in Snow City. Acquire #Pill.
Next: Return to Luturtle. Have a level 800-999 Geniva with 100 Loyalty.
Reward: WaterToken 20, +201 to Geniva


WaterToken 21

NPC: Ballfish
Location: Wudang Gym (19, 36)
Task: Acquire #HuntingDrug. Seek out MoonLi (13, 35) in Western Dock. Acquire #HuntingKnife.
Next: Seek out QuickHandWang (56, 88) in Water City. Acquire #LevelingDrug.
Next: Return to Ballfish
Reward: WaterToken 21


WaterToken 22

NPC: Gaga
Location: Hill City Pet Store (11, 17)
Task: Receive #Letter. Seek out Gaba (25, 54) in Hua Mountain Foot. Fight ten (10) level 2700 Gagas. Earn #Proof. Return to Gaga
Reward: WaterToken 22


WaterToken 23

NPC: PinkFairy
Task: Receive #NameCard. Seek out Administrator (25, 7) in Violet Gate. Fight ten (10) level 2900 Beasways or pay $25mil.
Reward: WaterToken 23