Water Quest guide

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(Guide created by CriM)

WaterToken 1

NPC: KnightTurtle
Location: WesternDock (53, 78)
Task: Seek out Rhathymia (20, 10) in Hua Mountain Pavillion.
Acquire: CandleCMD
Next: Return to KnightTurtle
Reward: WaterToken 1


WaterToken 2

NPC: Verdy
Location: Sword Valley (38, 44)
Task: Acquire MaizePill. Seek out Cuttie in Hill of Tear (21, 24)
Acquire: MysticFarina
Next: Return to Verdy
Reward: WaterToken 2


WaterToken 3

NPC: Dugly
Location: Sand Plain (31, 5), Sand City/Western Desert Area
Task: Fight Five (5) level 500 Solicroc
Reward: WaterToken 3


WaterToken 4

NPC: Passion
Location: No Return Shore (54, 40), Seashore Region
Task: Seek out Knoly in Soul Lost Cliff (11, 36), near Tree City, and acquire BlueGrass.
Next: Return to Passion
Reward: WaterToken 4


WaterToken 5

NPC: Pricky
Location: CooerHut (61, 41), Seashore Region
Task: Seek out Maze in Sunken City (48, 12), Ancient City Site (Sand City/Western Desert). Fight seven (7) Luturtles and acquire Necklace.
Next: Return to Pricky
Reward: WaterToken 5


WaterToken 6

NPC: Ban
Location: Phoenix Valley (26, 52), Seashore Region
Task: Give NPC a level 500, 100 loyalty Toturtle
Reward: WaterToken 6


WaterToken 7

NPC: Mozzy
Location: Green Cave (10, 34), Sand City/Western Desert Area
Task: Receive #ChallengeA. Seek out Wozzy (10, 29) in Moon Scene Valley. Fight seven (7) level 900 Sealions, receive #ChallengeB.
Next: Return to Mozzy
Reward: WaterToken 7


WaterToken 8

NPC: Eggfish
Location: Wandering Forest (10, 31), Seashore Region
Task: Receive #Investigation. Seek out Ancestor (60, 96) in Tree City. Seek out Crocodile in Hill City (70, 107). Fight seven (7) level 1100 Poticrocs. Earn #CrocBone. Return to Ancestor in Tree City. Receive #Necklace
Next: Return to Eggfish
Reward: WaterToken 8


WaterToken 9

NPC: Genipha
Location: Water City (61, 4)
Task: Receive #Necklace. Seek out Lizzy (12, 48) in Blue Cave (Sand City/Western Desert Area) Fight seven (7) level 1300 PinkFairies. Earn #HolyFeather.
Next: Return to Genipha
Reward: WaterToken 9


WaterToken 10

NPC: DuckBan
Location: Hill City (76, 38)
Task: Receive #Proxy. Seek out DuckGan (26, 42) in Oasis (Sand City/Wester Desert Area) Fight nine (9) level 1300 Sealions. Earn #OasisWater. Talk to DuckGan once again. Receive #Letter Alternative: Talking to MonsterGuard (51, 40) in Oasis will start battle as well.
Next: Return to DuckBan
Reward: WaterToken 10


WaterToken 11

NPC: Genima
Location: Snow City (92, 56)
Task: Seek out Thief (80, 53) in Thaw Valley. Fight seven (7) level 1500 Karates. Earn #RosyDress.
Next: Return to Genima
Reward: WaterToken 11


WaterToken 12

NPC: Crabed
Location: Deaf Hell (44, 16)
Task: Receive #IdentityCard. Seek out Dark Angel (20, 30) in Iced Hell. Fight nine (9) level 1700 Gianblues. Earn #LeavePermit.
Next: Return to Crabed
Reward: WaterToken 12


WaterToken 13

NPC: Ouou
Location: Single Wood Plain (39, 27).
Task: Receive #Request. Make #SuperPoison. Fight in map until you receive #EnhancedDart and #MagicPoison as battle rewards. To make, use WuxingOver: place #EnhancedDart in slot #1, #MagicPoison in slot 7. Set poison as main.
Next: Give #SuperPoison to Ouou
Reward: WaterToken 13


WaterToken 14

NPC: Pealion
Location: Tree City, Pet Store
Task: Receive #Deed. Seek out Bandit (36, 14) in Stone Cave Entry. This is the bandit on the left. Fight nine (9) level 1900 Purifoxes. Earn #Reward Alternative: Pay 50,000 to Bandit.
Next: Return to Pealion.
Reward: WaterToken 14, Level 1 Cindyfly


WaterToken 15

NPC: Bobo
Location: Root Valley (16, 17), Seashore Region
Task: Receive #Letter. Seek out Water Ancestor (55, 30) in Violet Grotto 1 (Bandit Cave/Western Desert Area) FIght nine (9) level 2100 Mermaibers. Earn #Identity
Next: Return to Bobo
Reward: WaterToken 15


WaterToken 16

Location: Grinding Hell (12, 39)
Task: Receive #Letter. Seek out Crabed (44, 16) in Deaf Hell. Receive #Gift
Next: Return to Wealy
Reward: WaterToken 16


WaterToken 17

Location: Eastern Dock (33, 17)
Task: Receive #Book. Seek out Tolicrocs (82, 54) in Western Dock. Fight ten (10) level 2300 Tolicrocs. Earn #Lesson
Next: Return to Tolicroc
Task: Have a level 999 Cindyfly with 100 Loyalty
Reward: WaterToken 17, +201 to Cindyfly


WaterToken 18

NPC: Crabia
Location: New Hill City (73, 85)
Task: Acquire #Necklace. Seek out Doubt (84, 50) in Ocean City.
Next: Answer Question (Top Left Choice: Power). Receive #AnswerA. Return to Crabia
Reward: WaterToken 18
Note: To access OceanCity you'll need Eggfish, Pingpongfish, or Ballfish.


WaterToken 19

NPC: Poticroc
Location: Snow Plain (37, 42), North Plain
Task: Seek out WiseThief (34, 12) in Sunrise Bridge Head. Fight ten (10) level 2500 Coliphants. Earn #SacredBall. Return to Poticroc.
Reward: WaterToken 19


WaterToken 20

NPC: Luturtle
Location: Bombing Hell (30, 41)
Task: Acquire #Letter. Seek out Genima (92, 56) in Snow City. Acquire #Pill.
Next: Return to Luturtle. Have a level 800-999 Geniva with 100 Loyalty.
Reward: WaterToken 20, +201 to Geniva


WaterToken 21

NPC: Ballfish
Location: Wudang Gym (19, 36)
Task: Acquire #HuntingDrug. Seek out MoonLi (13, 35) in Western Dock. Acquire #HuntingKnife.
Next: Seek out QuickHandWang (56, 88) in Water City. Acquire #LevelingDrug.
Next: Return to Ballfish
Reward: WaterToken 21


WaterToken 22

NPC: Gaga
Location: Hill City Pet Store (11, 17)
Task: Receive #Letter. Seek out Gaba (25, 54) in Hua Mountain Foot. Fight ten (10) level 2700 Gagas. Earn #Proof. Return to Gaga
Reward: WaterToken 22


WaterToken 23

NPC: PinkFairy
Location: Dust Stage (67, 80), Sky City
Task: Receive #NameCard. Seek out Administrator (25, 7) in Violet Gate. Fight ten (10) level 2900 Beasways or pay $25mil.
Next: Earn #Permit. Return to PinkFairy.
Reward: WaterToken 23


WaterToken 24

NPC: PingPongFish
Location:Palace, Forbidden City (81, 91), (North Plain Region)
Task: Acquire #MonsterSoul.
Note: Fight in Lonely Pavillion. Acquire battle reward #PetJade. Seek out Craftsman (20, 39) in Phoenix Valley to acquire #MonsterSoul.
Next: Return to PingPongFish.
Reward: WaterToken 24


WaterToken 25

NPC: Mr. Leisure
Location: Sad Past (23, 52). (Eastern Shore Region) Mr. Leisure will give you two choices for completing WaterQuest. The path you choose will reward you accordingly. Please read the choices carefully and make the best choice for yourself.

For this part of the token you will have two choices:

- Power: Requires you to fight ten (10) level 3100 Lizardfires. Reward: Player level +300
- Curiosity: Requires a Level 800+, 100 Loyalty Greenfairy. and #Soup. Reward: Greenfairy evolves to Beasway


Below you will find the related NPCs needed for the token of your choice.

- Overlord token will require interaction with Youji, Mr. Stone, and Dark Clouds.
- Curiosity token will require interactions with Yaoqi, Elderly Man, and Son.

~*Power Path*~

NPC: Youji
Location: Empty Garden, (32, 88)
Receive: #AncestorCMD
Upon Completion: Receive #WaterCMD


NPC: Mr. Stone
Location: General Valley (50, 18)
Receive: #NameCard


NPC: Dark Clouds
Location: Sword Town Gym
Note: You will need to defeat ten (10) level 3100 Lizardfires at the end of NPC dialogue
Receive: #WaterBall


~*Curiousity Path*~

NPC: Yaoqi
Location Empty Garden, (52, 104)
Note: NPC is required for Curiosity path.


NPC: Elderly Man, Son
Location: Forbidden City, Great Hall

These NPCs are required to acquire the #Soup needed to complete the quest.



Congratulations!!! You have completed the Water Quest and are ready to advance to Master rank!