2.6k Armour for 1k Cult


Fall Armor (From Cultivational Devil Quest)
17 Limit Belts
7 Limit Armors
+3303 Mana Belt
+2505 Mana Belt
+1056 Mana Belt
+654 Mana Belt

Fall Armor goes in slot 11. Limit Armors in slot 12. Belts in slot 7.

 photo 26k1karmor.jpg

Wux your new armor down to your level requirement using StanchingGrass. Place the armor in slot 6 and the grass in slot 12. Be sure to set the armor as the main element to avoid making a healie after all your hard work.

The armor should end up with the following stats (or pretty close) at a level 1000 requirement:

Mana: -5940
Attack: -70
Defense: +2600
Dexterity: -80

-special thanks to Metalman213 and poppysleeper