2.6k Dex Shoes for 1k Cult

Things you need:
Remigial shoes(Buy them from FriendPass floor 30 for 1mil)
16 Limit weapons
6 Limit shoes
2k+ atk weapon
1,7k+ atk weapon
2x 1,1k+ atk weapon

Remigial shoes are always main(right click).
When wuxing weapons into shoes- Shoes 3 Weapon 9
When wuxing limit shoes into shoes- Main shoes 3 Limit shoes 12

 photo 26k1kshoes-1.jpg

Wux shoes down to your lvl/cult by placing shoes at 9 and Stanching grass from Water city nurse at 12.
*Note. If you overwux the shoes, you can wux it down again, it’s stats wont differ in the end.

Here are the final outcomes:
1Mil cult/ Wuxed down to lvl 1k.

[1Mil cult]
 photo 66k1mil-1.jpg
[1K Cult]
 photo 26k1k.jpg