A Newbies Guide To Making Money

First of all ANYONE can do these, and it’s fairly easy too. You just need time, patience and more time >_>.

Way of the Money: Newbie Act I:
Catch Cindies (Cindyfly) and raise it to level 7. Lot of people will buy it and it’s a good sell. Usually around for 50k-100k+, this might take some time to catch so BE PATIENT!

Way of the Money:Newbie Act II:
Do the “Flying Stones” [Add Link] quest. Not alot of people are willing to buy it, but if you have enough time to rack up alot and find a customer, your bound to be pretty rich. These cost about 100k-300k a piece. Might even be more!

Way of the Money: Newbie Act III:
When your at a good level (lets say… 140+), fight at Sword Valley. After awhile, you’ll start to get a fire volume. These fire volumes sell for a hefty amount, ranging from 250k-500k.

There are more ways to making money, but remember don’t beg for money! That never works and gets people annoyed, Good luck in making money!