Character Guide-FAQ


by Skye7707

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Final Version

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Latest Updates
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Characters : – Male
5. – Female
6. Additional Info
7. Credits

1. Introduction

Hi and welcome to my character guide of Monster & Me. When you start playing this mmorpg game you can choose between 7 male and 8 female characters. All these people have 2 different outfits. Some of their status is different but it isn’t too imorptant.

2. Latest Updates

0.5 – Added the male characters
0.9 – Added the female ones
1.3 – Added Additional Information

Final – I think I added all info about characters I can so I’ll finalize this, if you have some new info feel free to mail me and I’ll add it.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this game?
A: It’s an MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI-like.

Q: Is it free?
A: Yes, it’s F2P.

4. Male Characters

Name : Golden Warrior
Age : 21
Height : 182cm
Weight : 78kg
Family : Army Background
Characteristics : Tough and considerate
Features : Whenever he feels like crying, he will hold his head up high and
hold back the tears from his eyes.
Introduction : He was already in the circle at the age of 16. In an ancestral golden armor with an ancestral blade he is unmatchable. As warmhearted as he is, he may still leave you with a cold impression.

Name : Broadsword Boy
Age : 22
Height : 176cm
Weight : 68kg
Family : ediate
Family background: Middle class
Habit : He makes snaps.
Character : He is prideful and wild and free of trifle.
Introduction : His sword is the fastest of all as well as his temper, who could beat him down ?

Name : Hook Man
Age : 23
Height : 177cm
Weight : 74kg
Family : Unkown
Features : He likes to stare at the other’s foot when he is speaking or fighting with him, not noticing the two stars falling from his hair
Character : He is dissociable and tactic.

Name : Scolar
Age : 16
Height : 160cm
weight : 62kg
Family : Literary
Habits : He always tries to be peaceful before resorting to force.
He will list three reasons before killing anyone.
Character : He is easygoing, graceful, smart, peaceloving, and he’s also a peacemaker.
Introduction : His kungfu is as mediocre as his figure.

Name : Siman Snow
His file is kept in secret…

Name : Wand Man
Character : He doesn’t always lead Romans.
Introduction : With a cold wand he is a loner wherever he goes. Nobody can block off his ways.

Name : Bald-headed Man
He has a hard head and a golden hammer.
He has a steely boned and strong structure.
He can lift a weight of one thousand pounds and stop the running water with a loud roar.
He truely is an overlord.

5. Female Characters

Name : Loop Girl
Her file is kept in secret.

Name : Longhair Girl
Age : 18
Height : 164cm
Weight : 49kg
Family : Her family comes from the Nothern Desert.
Habit : Fondling her long hair.
Characteristic : She is righteous, brave, and prudential. She is tough on the outside yet tender in the inside.
Introduction : In red she is shining and hymorous. She is active and brave enough to speak her mind and what she likes. She is energetic and adventurous. She can play with wolves, she`s just amazing. However, she is a trouble maker sometimes, known for her unruly and impulsive attitude.

Name : Female Ninja
Age : 22
Height : 164cm
Weight : 51kg
Family : Ninja
Features : She is an exotic beauty and loves to be flattered.
Character : She is soft hearted and considerate yet clever and romantic.
Introduction : She is a mystic girl with mystic kungfu and stunning beauty. She brings fun and trouble as well to the world around her.

Name : Princess
Age : 22
Height : 166cm
Weight : 51kg (Should be)
Family : Korean Princess.
Habits : She resorts to force right away if someone doesn’t please her eyes or mind.
Characteristic : She is capricious and extravagant.
Introduction : She is charming, noble, and decisive. She is also as good as her word. She seems not to carry any weapons. Look at her feet and legs to find she has a fatal temptation and a hidden weapon as well.

Name : Glaive Girl
Age : 18
Height : 160cm
Weight : 46kg
Family : Unknown
Her file is kept in secret…

Name : Korean Girl
Her file is kept in secret…

Name : Naughty Girl
Her short hair demonstrates her naughtiness and prettiness. Besides, her kungfu is outstanding.

Name : Gentlewoman
She is graceful and delicate even though she holds a sharp and dangerous sword.

6. Additional Info

How to create a character:

If it is the first you enter the game, system will make you to create a character first. There are 8 kinds of female and male characters respectively. Click on “Male” or “Female” tab to choose your set of the characters. After selecting a character, you can name it, but think it over for name of character can not be changed later. You can also give it a nickname which can be changed at your will.

Click on ‘Advanced’, then you can set character’s properties. You are given 20 points, and you can distribute them. If you omit this step, system will distribute points among life, internal power, attack, defense and speed automatically.

– Character Status –

1.Basic Attributes

Name: Your character name. It is fixed at the time you create a character, and can’t be changed. Please be aware that your name can’t consist of disgusting character or leader of the country. Otherwise your character will be deleted upon discovery.

Nickname: You can change nickname at your will.

Title: It is varied as player’s level and status (human or spirit or demon) upgrades. Please refer to Level and Title.

Spouse: After you marry with some player, your spouse’s name will be shown here

Level: Your current level. Junior Spirit or above will have another level of cultivation, which is behind ‘/’.

Reputation: Reputation is mainly gained from victory in round battle. It has nothing to do with pet in round PK or battle.

Money: It is the cash you carry. You can buy a variety of items with money. Money comes from victory in the battle or prize of a mission. You can also capture pet and sell it.

2.Status of Knight

Life: Your vitality. When your life is reduced to 0, you will lose consciousness and lie on the ground.

Mana: Performing kungfu will consume mana. Different kungfu costs different mana. It is also consumed when broadcasting, striking vital point and unlocking vital point.

Experience points: Your current experience points. When it reaches to some extend, you will progress to the next level. The only way to accumulate experience points is to defeat monsters.

Next Level: It is the experience points needed to reach the next level.

Attack: Your destructive power.

Defense: The defense ability to resist attack.

Dexterity: It determines who takes the initiative in the battle and how fast you dodge the attack.


Thievery: Your stealing ability. The higher your stealing experience, the more possible you steal successfully.

Creativity: Your ability to create Kungfu. The higher the responding experience, the more possible you invent kungfu successfully.

Amalgamation: The ability to amalgamate items. The higher the skill, the better the item amalgamated.

Raising: Your ability in raising pets.

4.Character’s basic features:

Character’s basic features don’t affect character’s ability directly. They can be added with the points granted as character progresses in level. You can click on “+”, “??” to adjust feature points.

Rest Points: Character gains 3 points as he/she progress to the next level (Junior God/Devil gains 4 points). You can add those points to any of the following five features.

Life — life points
Mana — Mana points
Attack — Attacking ability
Defense — Defensive ability
Dexterity — Speed
Cultivation — starts from 1 at Junior God/Devil. Some special equipment requires cultivation level.


Guild: The guild you are in. If you don’t join any guild, this item is void.

Position: Your position in the guild.

Item: Click it and you will find Item/Equipment panel.

Pet: Click it and you will find Pet panel.

Kungfu: Click it and you will find Kongfu Panel.

– Title –

From creating untill upgrading, the character will remain mortal man, mortal man with different level will have different titles.

|Level 1-50 |Intern warrior |Level 50-150 |Junior warrior |
|Level 150-300 |Senior warrior |Level 300-500 |Knight |
|Level 500-700 |Junior knight |Level 700-900 |Senior knight |
|Level 900-1100 |Great master |Level 1100-1200 |Marshal art deity |

After level800-1200 upgrading, the title will change from mortal man to first-turn god. ( That’s the first-turn. )

After 800-1200 level upgrading, god trainer will become second-turn god, devil trainer will be second-turn devil.

Second-turn god with level 1000-1200 bring a green god with level above 800 and upgrade together will become third-turn god. Third-turn devil upgrade together with a Yellow dragon of 800 level or above will become third-turn devil.

Gods from level 1000 to 1200 will be fourth-turn god after completing Pet catalog of one attribute and upgrading. And devil trainer will become fourth-turn devil in the same way…

And players who dissatisfy with god or devil training can change into the character type he wants through god-devil switching mission which reduce one turn level.

– Equipment –

Click on equipment icon . You will find following window. It consists of tree parts. Equipments are on the left side. Property and picture of designated item/equipment are on the center. The right side is item basket with 15 items at most.

Equipment Basket:

It contains equipments you own, and you can only be equipped with 5 equipments at most.
The lowest basket is for shoes, which will reinforce speed.
The basket connected with hand is for weapon, which will reinforce attack.
The basket sheltered from body is for armor which will reinforce defense.
The two baskets on the upper most are for ornaments of different usage.

Designated Item:

Click on a specific item or equipment in the basket, its picture will appear with detail property.

How to equip and drop?

Click on an item then ‘for human usage’ (or double click on the item), you will find a window, click ‘confirm’ at last to finish equipping. To drop an equipment is in the same way. As to equip pet you can only do in in Equip Pet window. Double click is denied.


Level required: It is the minimum level required to take on equipment.
Price: The price of item or equipment.
Inventor: The inventor of the item. You can invent item or equipment yourself too
Change Item’s Name: If you are the inventor, you can change an item’s name.
Regarding Money: There are four commands: deposit, withdraw, gift money and check account. On the lower left corner, shows the amount you carry with you.
Drop Item: If you don’t like an item, click on it and click ‘Drop’ then confirm

– Reincarnation –

Nirvana requirements:

1.Second-turn spirit or above, with 800 level or above before Nirvana.
2.You must be a leader to form a team, and there’s teammate responsible for the guarding.
3.You must have the Spirit-Focusing Pill refined by the Taoist Tianji.

Benefits of Nirvana:

1.Player will be returned to first level after Nirvana, but still keep his turn before Nirvana. In the meantime half the level will be readded to training level.

2.Player perform the guarding will get 10% of the level distance between he and the player performing the Nirvana. If he is a friend of the player for Nirvana, he will get 10% of this prize for extra. If he or she is a couple to the people for Nirvana, he or she will get 20% of the prize instead. For example, if the player for Nirvana is 1000 level and the his guardian is 100 level, he will likely get (1000-100)/10=90 level. If he is a friend, then he again get 10% of the 90 level for extra, if he or she is the couple, then it’s 20%, which means 90+18=108 level prize. So by attending the Nirvana being a guardian, you don’t have to pass the Catastrophe.

Atten: In the Nirvana, all gears of the player and all normal items except the exclusively owned item belonging to the player will be taken back automatically by the system.

Specific Operation:
After all the conditions are met, click on this button, the System will show you a box for confirmation, make sure and then click on it to confirm.

7. Credits