Convert From Devil To God :
Taoist Wuji in the Wudang Gym can make the medicine for converting to god from devil: Remoulding Pill. Go to visit him. He will refine Remoulding Pill for you, as long as you can provide two materials: Super Pill and refreshing Pill.

Then, go to Warrior Hall of Sky City, find QingTianzi(31.23), who is the first man to convert to god from devil. He will tell you how. If you make up your mind, then you can convert to god with his help.

Important Notes:

1.Your title will be degraded by one level. For exampe, if you are Senior Devil, you will be Junior God after converting.
2. You must spend $3,000,000 to the charity. You have to carry $3,000,000 with you.
3. All items and equipment you carry will disappear after conversing

Convert From God To Devil :
Ask Hell Lady Guard in Fire Cave for the details. According to her, Devil&God Pill is required to convert to devil from god and she can make it as long as you can provide two necessary materials: Super Pill and Refreshing Pill.

After that, you barge in the hell and find Devil Lady Shi (14,30) in the Nail Hell, who has converted to devil from god. If you have determined, she will help you to convert to devil.

Important Notes:

1. Your title will be degraded by one level if you succeed in converting to devil. For example,you will be degraded to Junior Devil if you are Senior God.
2. You have to prepare $3,000,000 to worship the devils.
3. Items and equipment you carry will disappear after conversion.

4. IMPORTANT! You must be Senior God or above and your level must be higher than 800.