Devil Advancement

Junior Advancement

Junior Devil Advancement is similar to Junior God Advancement except that in order to advance to Devil you will need to go to Dragon Cave 2 and find Devil Lady(43,59). Afterwards you shall fight level 1000 monsters. Then you will get a Devil-Pill. Before takes this pill you should take off armor. Armor including shoes, headgear, weapons, etc. will be lost in the advancement. Afterwards you will be sent to hell.


Level 800

*Note:* You will have to take Devil tests every 99 levels.

Senior Advancement

Requirements for Senior:

Level 1000+ Character
Evil Powder
Level 801+ Gludinosaur

After meeting these requirements go to Lantern Hell and find Dragon of Hell (49,37). She will give you a DvAvancingDrug in exchange for your Evil Powder. Remember: Take off all Equipment before advancing.

*Note:* Mana and Health should be fully healed. Pet should be marching and should have 100 Loyalty. Afterwards you shall have Tests Under Water City Inn. (Every 99 Levels)

Super Advancement


Character must be level 1000+ Senior
Must have finished registering pets for the categories

Pets Needed (Guide)

After finishing registering all the pets go to Boiling Hell and speak to the NPC of the catalogue that you would like to advance it. You will fight around level 2000 monsters of that category afterwards you will obtain a pill after defending the monsters. When you are ready take the pill to advance; Take off armor before doing so.

*Note:* Tests will be under Water City Inn. Every 99 levels as usual.

Master Advancement


Character level 1300
Completed Fire Quest or Water Quest

After Completing Fire Quest or Water Quest select a field that you want to advance to. You must meet the requirement of that field and complete the corresponding quest. To advance you need to find the Guiding Devil (19, 18) in Boiling Hell and speak to her.

Categories are as listed:

Advance to a Master in Thievery (250,000 thievery point required)

1. Speak to DevilMaster (30,52) in SkinHell and get a ThieveToken.
2. Find DevilThieve (12,35) in BoneHell. Gain: PuzzleScarf.
3. Find DevilFog (17,32) in PeaceHall of the palace. Buy a Crabapple for $500,000.
4. Go to Room Right of Sword Manor. Steal away the soul of DevilCloud from one of the Li`s brothers.
5. After you have stolen the soul sucessfully, return to DevilThieve.
6. Defeat the chanted DevilCloud and get a ThieveJade.

– If you miss while trying to steal the soul, you will lose 10000 thievery experience and sent to Sky Prison.

Advance to a Master in Reputation (20,000,000 reputation points required)

1. Speak to DevilMaster (30,52) in SkinHell and get a ReputeToken.
2. Find DevilRepute (41, 48) in DirtyHell.
3. Defeat DevilGuardian on the first floor of SkyPrison (you need to win 3 battles). Gain: HeroToken.
4. Return to DevilRepute and give him the HeroToken. Gain: ReputeJade.

– You will lose 10 million reputation points.
– When you become ReputationDevil, you can’t create kungfu.

Advance to a Master in Cultivation (20,000 cultivation points)

1. Speak to DevilMaster (30,52) in SkinHell and get a DCultiToken.
2. Find DevilCultiate (35, 47) in LanternHell. You need to take back GoldenSabre, FallArmour and TurtleBoots from the Li’s Brother.
3. Find the Li’s Brother in Sword Manor. Speak to the first Li’s Brother. Gain: GoldenSabre. You will lose 100 levels.
4. Train back to level 1300, then speak to the second Li’s Brother. Gain: FallArmour. You will lose 200 levels.
5. Train back to level 1300, then speak to the third Li’s Brother. Gain: TurtleBoots. You will lose 300 levels.
6. Finally, wuxing a DevildomKey with those three items then give it to DevilCultivate and gain a DCultiJade.

– Positions: GoldenSabre (9) FallArmor (12) and TurtleBoots (3).

Advance to a Master in Pet Raising (200000 pet raising experience points required)

1. Speak to DevilMaster (30,52) in SkinHell and get a DPetToken.
2. Find DevilTrainer(31 33) in ChoppingHell.
3. Defeat the five guardian pets of DevilTrainer.
4. Find 5 guardian pets to replace them. Gain: DpetJade. You will lose 200000 pet raising experience points after the advance.

[Guardian pets]
Raise the following pets:
– a level 500 Gianblue
– a level 400 Elfin
– a level 300 Beasnow
– a level 200 Monking
– a level 100 Bluesaur
Note: The pet’s level must be exactly the same.

Advance to a Master in Virtue (10,000 virtue poitns will be required to advance in this field)

1. Speak to DevilMaster (30,52) in SkinHell and get a DVirtueToken.
2. Find DevilVirtue(25, 26) in LavaHell. Gain: HelpToken.
3. Find GodCloud is SandCity. He tells you to get him a BuddhistRelics. Gain SalivaPill.
4. Find GrandmaYin (7, 31) in ThawValley. She ask you to wuxing a LifePill.
5. Collect all the materials and wuxing a life pill for her.
6. After that, you will get a PhoenixHairpin containing a Buddhist Relics.
7. Then, go back to Sand City and give the PhoenixHairpin to GodCloud.
8. Finally, you go back to GodVirtue and get a VirtueJade.

You will need Metal Pill(main), Wood Pill, Water Pill, Fire Pill, Earth Pill to make a Life Pill. You need to wuxing to make the pills.
– 5 Turtle Shells = Turtle Pill, 5 Turtle Pills = Metal Pill
– 5 Dragon Squamas = Dragon Pill, 5 Dragon Pills = Fire Pill
– 5 Phoenix Feathers = Phoenix Pill, 5 Phoenix Pills = Earth Pill
– 5 Ivories = Cloud Pill, 5 Cloud Pills = Wood Pill
– 5 Mermaid Tears = Tear Pill, 5 Tear Pills = Water Pill;.