Flying Stone

Flying Stone
Client: Lizei
Location: Wudang (39, 57)
Requirement: Find a coloured stone for CuYun.
Reward: Flying Stone (Allows you to ride a cloud), Phoenix Feather (Wuxing Item)
Restriction: Below Senior God/Devil.
Repeatable: Yes
Liezi studies the art of riding through the sky, this is something only achievable by gods and goddesses who have spent countless hours training and improving themselves. However, he does know of one way to be able to ride a cloud temporarily. Although, he does not give advice away for nothing, if you agree to help Leizi’s friend, then maybe you’ll find out something about how to ride on a cloud without being a powerful divine spirit.
On the distant shore, a young Seagull is awaiting you, she once was a beautiful princess whose life was tragically brought to a halt as the sea swallowed her up on stormy morning. CuYun knows the secrets of riding clouds, help her and she’ll help you.

Flying stone let’s you fly before you reach Senior God. It’s a one-time-use item and it seems like normal cloud, just invisible. they are sellable, so it might be a good way to make some money too.

Here’s the guide:

Go to Wudang mountain and find Liezi at 39 57. Tell him that you believe him and stuff so he will give you the #GrassShoe(You have to choose right answers). Go to YellowHill and find DumpOldMan.
Speak with him and he gives you #StoneOfWang. Now to your final destination. Find CuYun at No return shore and speak with him. If you’re lucky, you get Flying stone but if you’re unlucky you’ll get a Phoenix Feather(+25 Def).
To do the quest again, deposit your flying stone or seagull wont give you another one.