God Advancement

Junior Advancement

-Level 800 (or above) Basic God

Find Master Zhang in Wudang Mountain and speak to him. He will have you fight some monsters and after you finish battling these monsters you shall recieve a God Pill. Take the God-Pill to advance. After you advance you will be sent to Sky City. You must be level 200 to leave there. Like Basic God any equipment worn during advancement will be lost. You will now take tests every 99 levels. The tests will be in Sky City.

-Level 1 Eggfish

Senior Advancement

-You must be a Junior God and level 1000 (or above)
-You will need a Greenfairy level 800 or above, loyalty 100 as your marching pet.
-Both health and mana fully healed.
-Amrita Pill(Obtain an Amrita Pill by fighting in Brass Grottos 2)

Go to Sitting Room in Sky City and find Fairy of Cloud. She will give you a GdAdvancingDrug in exchange for your Amrita Pill. Take the pill when ready but remember to take off armor, boots, etc. You will now take tests every 99 levels. The tests are under Water City Inn.

-Greenfairy is turned into a Beasway
-You can ride a cloud now.

Super Advancement

-Senior God Level 1000+
-Have finished registering all the pets needed.\

Click Here to see a list of pets needed.

Pets Needed:

Water Category: 26
Earth Category: 19
Wood Category: 25
Metal Category: 13
Fire Category: 18

Go to Dew Stage and speak to the NPC of the catalogue that you would like to advance it. You will fight around level 2000 monsters of the category you chose. You will obtain a pill after defending the monsters. When you are ready take the pill to advance. You will now take tests every 99 levels. The tests are under Water City Inn.

-Depends in which category you advanced to.

Metal: Bluesaur
Earth: Gianblue
Water: Beasnow
Fire: Elflin
Wood: Monking

Master Advancement


-Character Level 1300
-Has Finished Water Quest or Fire Quest

Fire Quest

Water Quest

After finishing Fire Quest or Water Quest you need you need to find the guiding NPC in Dew Stage in Sky City and speak to Guiding Angle (37, 26).

Categories to advance in are as follows:

Advance to a Master in Wuxing (20,000 Wuxing experience points required)

1. Talk to GodMaster (Sky City Lobby) and get a WuxingToken.
2. Then go to MeasureStage and find GodWuxing (23, 42). He will tell you to visit CraftmanWind in Hill City.
3. CraftmanWind will give you a wuxing recipe.
4. Collect all the items and make a pair of Phoenix Boot according to the recipe.
5. After that, make a Fire Pill. Give the two items to him, he will let you pass his test and give you a WuxingJade.

[Phoenix Boot]
– Place a pair of Fabric Shoes on 3 as the main element, PhoenixFeather on 9, CrocodileBone on 11 and 12.
– Place all the five items on the left side of the wuxing oven and right click on the item in position 9 as main element.
– Wuxing 5 Dragon Squamas to a Dragon Pill.
– Then wuxing 5 Dragon Pills to Fire Pill.

Advance to a Master in Kungfu Creativity (200,000 kungfu experience points required)

1. Talk to GodMaster (Sky City Lobby) and get a KungfuToken.
2. Then go to WindStage and find GodKungfu (42, 25). Your mission is to rescue the village of Rich Plain.
3. Take his Survey Token and find the Leader of Rich Plain in a tent.
4. He will give you a survey token and ask you to deal with RascalOu in Sunken City (45, 59).
5. Find RascalOu and then fight with his pets: three high defense elephants.
6. You must attack the elephants with 1k+ damage kungfu, or you will never knock them down. Normal attack does not affect them.
7. If you win you will get an Elite Sword; if not, you will lose 5000 kungfu creativity points.
8. Take the sword back to the leader, he will you a letter of thankfulness.
9. Go back to GodKungfu and get a KungfuJade from him.

Notes: You must have a 1k+ damage kungfu and kill the monsters solely with it.
Normal attack does no damage at all.

Advance to a Master in Cultivation (20,000 cultivation points required)

1. Talk to GodMaster (Sky City Lobby) and get a CultivateToken
2. Then go to CloudStage and find GodCultivate (13, 39). He will give you a RescueToken and ask you to help TaoistReal.
3. Go to Wudang Mountain (17, 9) to find TaoistReal.
4. Help TaoistReal to unlock his vital point, but you will lose 300 levels as a result.
5. After that train back up to level 1300.
6. Then visit TaoistReal and spend another 200 levels to help him.
7. Train to level 1300 again and help him with your levels for the 3rd time (this time you will lose 100 levels).
8. Finally you get a Great Beat from TaoistReal.
9. Level to 1300 and speak to GodCultivate, you will get a CultivateJade.

Advance to a Master in Pet Raising (200,000 pet raising experience points required)

1. Talk to GodMaster (Sky City Lobby) and get a TrainingToken.
2. Then go to DustStage and find GodTrainer (73, 47).
3. Help GodTrainer to defeat the heralds of the five categories who are spelled by the devils and become evil.
4. After that, find qualified heralds according to GodTrainer’s requirements.
5. Finally, you will get a PetJade. You will lose 200000 pet raising experience points after the advance.
[Qualified Heralds]
Raise the following pets:
– a level 500 Bluesaur
– a level 400 Monking
– a level 300 Beasnow
– a level 200 Elflin
– a level 100 Gianblue.

Note: The pet’s level must be exactly the same.

Advance to a Master in Virtue (10,000 virtue points required)

1. Talk to GodMaster (Sky City Lobby) and get a VirtueToken
2. Then go to SpringStage and find GodVirtue (12, 18).
3. Go to SnowCityCastle and help the owner out.
4. Castle Owner tells you that he needs a Buddhist Relics. He will give you a saliva pill so you can stand the extremely chilly weather there in ThawValley.
5. Find GrandmaYin in ThawValley (7, 31).
6. After you have found GrandmaYin, she will ask you to wuxing a life pill before she gives you the Buddhist Relics.
7. Collect all the materials and wuxing a life pill to her.
8. After that, you will get a PhoenixHairpin containing a Buddhist Relics.
9. Then, go back to Snow City Castle and give the PhoenixHairpin to the owner who will give you a SilkwormDress in return.
10. Finally, you go back to GodVirtue and get a VirtueJade.

You will need Metal Pill(main), Wood Pill, Water Pill, Fire Pill, Earth Pill to make a Life Pill. You need to wuxing to make the pills.
– 5 Turtle Shells = Turtle Pill, 5 Turtle Pills = Metal Pill
– 5 Dragon Squamas = Dragon Pill, 5 Dragon Pills = Fire Pill
– 5 Phoenix Feathers = Phoenix Pill, 5 Phoenix Pills = Earth Pill
– 5 Ivories = Cloud Pill, 5 Cloud Pills = Wood Pill
– 5 Mermaid Tears = Tear Pill, 5 Tear Pills = Water Pill;.