Introduction To Wuxing

 photo ovenuseso7.png

Try doing the following: buy two Stanching Grasses from Water city nurse and put them into wuxing oven at random spots. Right click one of them to make it the main element. Now click Refine. You combined two Stanching Grasses and got a Wuxinged Drug with +45HP instead of +30HP. That’s basically how wuxing works. The only thing is that better stuff requires higher levels/cultivation.
Now let’s get to the real thing. If you have below 1519 wuxing creativity, you can increase armor’s def by wuxing -5k poisons to it. How to make them? Go to the Blacksmith and open Darts section. Buy 7 prickers. Now go to the doctor and buy Arsenic. Open Wuxing oven. You’ll need to use the picture i posted above now. Put Arsenic at slot 12 and make it main item with right click. Now put a pricker into slot 9. Refine it and repeat it(Using same wuxinged poison) with other prickers you brought too. Final result should be -5k poison.
Go and buy a cheapest armor from Water city blacksmith. Place it at slot 11 and the -5k poison you made at slot 12. Refine. Armor defense should go up to 168 now. You can repeat these steps over and over again until it has 3168 defense. This is maximum you can increase with -5k poisons only. You can do the same things with cheapest sword, headwear, belt, shoes. 3168 def armor is a limit armor(means you cant wux it further). Shoes have 3168 dex and sword 3168 atk. Belt has 4251 mana and headwear 4251 life. That’s what limits are about.

To check your Wuxing Creativity, go to the Character- Other.

How to get 1519 Wuxing Creativity? Well, until 999 wuxing creativity you can gain it simply by wuxing stuff.
Let’s say that you got your 999 wuxing creativity together. Now what? Well, you have to eat Volumes to increase your wuxing now.

-LakeVolume- 10 Wuxing Creativity. They can be found lying around in the world of Monster & Me. When you find one, just right click it and you’ll get it.

-FireVolume- 20 Wuxing Creativity. You can get them by fighting at Sword Valley(Go to help- world map to check where it is). It may take awhile to get one, so have patience! -ThunderVolume- 30 Wuxin Creatvity.

-To get Thunder Volume you need: Crableg, Pheonix Feather, Dragon Squama, Ivory and Sutra, put them into slots 3,9,5,7,12 respectively and set the Sutra as main item. Way too complicated, so don’t bother.

-EarthVolume- 40 Wuxing Creativity. You can get them by stealing them from GeneralCai. But you need high thievery and dexterity and if you fail, you’ll be sent to jail, so don’t bother.

-MountainVolume- 50 Wuxing CreativityYou get them from the treasure boxes under Water city inn.

-WaterVolume- 60 Wuxing CreativityTo get Water Volume you need to find Master Lu in Print Valley (42,70) and give him 1k/1k boots and a Sutra.

-WindVolume- 70 Wuxing CreativityTo get Wind Volume you need to find CraftmanWind in Hill City. He will trade the volume for an Earth Volume, Ball Flower and a Joyful Armor. To get Ball -Flower you need to complete the Snow Wolf Lake Quest. To get Joyful armor you need to do the Joyful Armor quest (Drifter Feng).

-HeavenVolume- 80 Wuxing CreativityTo get Heaven Volume you need to go to the 90 floor of Sky Pass and find the npc called ChuQingHong. You can buy it for 100k.

-SecretBook- 1000 Wuxing CreativityYou have to wux ALL the volumes together.