Keeping Yourself Safe

Known Scammers

[To Be Updated] – People with first warnings will be posted here, if they contine to scam they will be banned.


Scamming in itself is an art, whether or not it is an honorable is aside the point at the moment, and can be avoided and ruined, like other art techniques. Scamming can be prevented but it must include some effort on the parts of you (the potential victim).

Following are some scamming methods:__________________________

-Pet as Money

-Renaming a pet as a money amount, usually works best when it is utilized in the Chinese Client of the game, since, most people are not aware of the slots for the corresponding item(s).


Log back in and use the English game client and double check using the trade function before clicking and finalizing the agreements.

-False Advertisement

Perhaps one that is use mostly to get the money out from a small amount of good(s). Usually, most often than not, happens when dealing with pet trades and broadcasting things such as “selling and/or trading [y] pet for [x] amount”.


Simple photographic evidence can be used to better the sales person’s pitch as well as keep it, to an extent, honest to the seller. As always, use the trade function and double check the slots to avoid any damage.


Perhaps this is the one that is used the most when it comes time to selling items that are forged by a player to sell at a great amount of price. This, now a days, happens with the forgery of false Gem sales as well as other items including Pet Jades, Enhanced Dart, and Music Script.


Items such as Gems or quest items are usually forged by “T.Q.” or a special N.P.C. To avoid any misunderstandings check websites for clarification, such as proven pictures of the items in question, and check them on the trade window (clicking on the item will bring up the details; trade window details will give you the maker and the stats.


Following are a few guidelines to avoid being scammed in the future and in cases where there are furthered advanced methods:

-Trade responsibility, double check the items in the trade window before clicking OK.
-Trade using the English game client since it is more easier to distinguish the print in stats and in the designated windows.
-Ask questions about the product/good you are interested in buying. Asking questions works for your benefit to better inform yourself of the potential of a scam.
-Double check the “Do Not Trade List” and make sure the person you are trading with is not a known scammer.
-Consult friends if you are getting your money’s worth. Often people overcharge for a good that may be worth far less than what you are paying for. This is not scamming but a mere inconvenience.

Thank you for the time and effort to read.