Kung-fu Creating and Understanding

KungFu Guide : Creating and Understanding the Works

Before beginning, one must understand what it takes to make and create kungfu and the minimal requirements:
Level Requirement: A player must be level 300(if of mortal rank) or level 100 (if higher than mortal; example: BasicGod+)
Mana Requirement: A player must have at least 100 base points in mana (Character allotation)
Attack Information: A player may want to have a higher attack in base points for a higher index when creating kungfu.
Explanation of Kungfu Creativity
Name: The name you want your Kungfu to have (maximum of 14 characters)
Destructive Index: Also referred to as index; This is the multiplier when making kungfu. It determines the total damage with respect to the mana consumed (maximum index of 2; KungFu God bonus makes it so the index is around 2.2 index, random factor).
Mana Consumed: The mana that is taken up when you want to execute it. This is influenced by the total mana you have in base points.
Ratio of Success: The higher the percentage is the better the chances are of successfully making a kungfu. This is influenced by your KungFu points (you can see your points in the Character’s Status menu).
Starting Posture: How the character stands when he is about to begin the KungFu (Aurora around the character).
Flying Track: The line of attack that shows when you are attacking a target.
Explosion Type: The end result of the KungFu. This is what you see once the KungFu catches up with the target.
When making KungFu you need to have your mana fully healed (if you are using a -mana armor then use a MagicPowder to heal your mana to begin creating). Afterwards open the KungFu menu by going to: Advanced > Create KungFu and Enter the information as you see fit. When attempting to make KungFu you may fail several times depending on the index (the lower the index the better chances) nut eath attempt will give you certain points depending on the damage it does:
Attempting Kungfu with less than 1,000 damage: Each attempt will give you 1 point added to your character’s KungFu stats; and each successful will give you 2 points.
Attempting Kungfu with more than 1,000 damage: Each attempt will give you 50 points added to your character’s Kungfu stats; and each successful will give you 100 points.
Remember that Patience and Determination are required when making KungFu.

Understanding Kungfu: Leveling and Stats

Leveling a KungFu has to be done in battle against monsters. Each level requires a certain amount of executions that double each level. With each successful level gained a kungfu increases by around 10% damage and may get a new track (tracks are the waves of attack in PKing). The Levels are as follows:
Level 1: One Flying Track; 10 Experience Points till Next
Level 2: One Flying Track; 20 Experience Points till Next
Level 3: Two Flying Track; 40 Experience Points till Next
Level 4: Two Flying Track; 80 Experience Points till Next
Level 5: Two Flying Track; 160 Experience Points till Next
Level 6: Three Flying Track; 320 Experience Points till Next
Level 7: Three Flying Track; 640 Experience Points till Next
Level 8: Three Flying Track; 1280 Experience Points till Next
Level 9: Four Flying Track; 2560 Experience Points till Next
Level 10: Four Flying Track; 5120 Experience Points till Next
Level 11: Four Flying Track; 10240 Experience Points till Next
Level 12: Five Flying Track; 20480 Experience Points till Next
When leveling a KungFu make sure you have enough defense to survive in the area and enough mana to execute the attack. Bandit Cave Entry (24,24) is the best spot for leveling KungFu over long periods of time (since you will not get battle rewards). If you want to level KungFu faster then you may wish to level near a city preferably within one map radius. One last look at Character Status and KungFu stats. KungFu stats can be seen by clicking on the KungFu(M) button where you can see the current level of the kungfu, the maker, the level required, and the mana consumed for that particular KungFu.