KungFu And Pet Skills

This is a list of kungfus and skills

Here’s the list:


Air Wave: Lvl Req’d is 20, gotten from Water City Pawnshop.

Wind Chop: Lvl Req’d is 60, gotten from Water City Pawnshop.

Traceless Fist: Lvl Req’d is 100, gotten by doing quest.
Quest Guide: Get a Super Herb from Herbalist Joe in Hua Mtn Falls and talk to Drifter Feng with the Super Herb in your inventory. He’ll teach the kungfu to you.

Shaolin Kungfu: Lvl Req’d is 200, gotten by doing quest.
Quest Guide: Catch a Hindog from Resent Cave Entry, any lvl. Go into Sand City and talk to LittleLong(92,72), which is somewhere below the map next to the pond. After getting the Sutra, go to Shaolin Temple which is nicely hidden at the top left of Dry Well Plains. Go all the way to the back and the most back building. There will be a MonkBright there. Talk to him with the Sutra in your inventory and you will learn Shaolin Kungfu! DO NOT CONFUSE SUTRA WITH DIAMOND SUTRA THEY ARE DIFFERENT THINGS!

Drunken Kungfu: Lvl Req’d is 600, gotten by doing quest.
Quest Guide: First, get a Super Pill and trade it for a Joyful Armor with Drifter Feng who is usually at Hill City. After getting the armor, you will need to pump up your stats; Mana to 2000 and Attack to 1000(not really sure if it’s needed) After that, talk to Drifter Feng again. He will give you a Drunken Sword(It will be needed to start the following step. Won’t be needed to use the kungfu though) Then, you will have to get a Lvl 1 Pelired. I only know that Pelired can be caught in Measure Stage which is in Sky City. So, if anyone knows where else to catch please do post ^__^ Then give the Pelired to the Old Fisherman(53,65) at Eastern Docks. He will then give you a Befuddling Wine. Go to Drunkard Tomb and talk to Drunk Kaoyan(39,24), give him the wine and Voila! You get Drunken Kungfu.

Buddha Palm: Lvl Req’d None? Virtue needed ??? I’d go check but server is [x][x][x][x] and can’t log on. =.= Anyway, go to NHC and talk to KidVirtue. There should be a monk on the right. He might say its Shaolin KF but its Buddha Palm.

[Pet Skills]

Hypnosis: It puts an enemy to sleep for a few turns. Good for healing pets or self.
Quest Guide: You will have to catch a Youdragon, Lvl 300 and above from Terrifying Cave 2 and trade it for a Torturtle Lvl 1. You will have to get a Musk Bag from Little Linda(32,33) in Tree City. Then, go to Eastern Docks and talk to Old Fisherman to go to Sword Manor. Then, talk to LittleYu(19,50) and get the Torturtle. Then, go to Snow City Petstore and trade the Torturtle with LittleWhite(20,22). He will give you a Training Book. Then, go to Sand City Petstore and talk to Little Red. You will have to fight 3 Lvl 200 Pussifox to gain the skill.

Caution: Gain by Wuxing. Transfers part of attack to defence.
Quest Guide: Get a Turtle Shell from Hill of Tear, a Crab Leg from No Return Shore, an Ivory from Western Snow Hill, a Phoenix Feather from Phoenix Valley, a Dragon Squama from Terrifying Cave 2 and a Mermaid Tear. Mermaid Tear can be gained by catching a Jingle Lvl 1 from Spiky Hell. Trade the Jingle for a Mermaid Necklace with HuaHua in Snow City Petstore. Then, go to Ocean City and talk to Mermaid Princess(might not be correct name. lol) She will trade the Mermaid Necklace for a Mermaid Tear.

Play Possum: Gained by talking to NPC on 40f of Friends Pass. This skill allows your pet to play dead to avoid being attacked. Good for healing pet. Note that it makes the enemy target you. So, you must have enough defence to withstand its attack.

Continuous Hit: Gained by talking to NPC on 60f of Friends Pass. This skill allows your pet to hit twice on the enemy.

Protect Master: Gained by talking to NPC on 50f of Friends Pass. This skill allows the pet to take the damage intended for the master. Note it can only take 3 attacks before they manage to attack the master.

Accuracy: Gained by talking to NPC on 63F of Friends Pass. Well, just means the attack is accurate, don’t know how much though.

Absorb: Gained by talking to NPC on 70F of Friends Pass. No idea what it does, just know it is there.

Learn: Gained by talking to NPC on 99F of Friends Pass. Its a stupid skill that only works if your opponent’s pet has a skill(Round PK). Not sure if your opponent must attack you with it first before it allows you to use it though.

Time Shuttle: Only for Jenifly gotten from couple reborn. This skill turns the pet using this skill and the enemy targeted into Lvl 1’s. Good only in teams or when there is one monster.

Sneak Attack: Gained by talking to NPC on 99f of Sky Pass. Allows the pet to sneak up behind the targeted enemy and inflict increased damage.