Little Wu Quest

a) Be Disguised as a Cocobear, Plaitbear or Banbear
cool.gif 1 Small Gem

Find Woman Wu in Water City at [ 01:00-03:59AM / 16:00– 18:59 PM ] in front of Water City Inn. She will sent you to a special place where you will see lot of Banbears, you gotta talk to every Banbear and they will ask you silly questions, you gotta answer ALL correct, otherwise you will be sent out and you will lose a Gem.

So here are MOST of the answers for the questions ^^ (if you do the quest and find more questions feel free to reply!~)

How can you spell mousetrap in three letters? – CAT

How do you stop a sleepwalker from walking in his sleep? – Keep him awake

What letter is an animal? – B

How many olympic games have been held? – 27

How can a hat talk – Add the letter C

What is easy to get into but hard to get out of? – Problem

How can you make tomatoes ripen? – Tell jokes about them until they turn red.

What is the biggest thing in the world? – Eyelids

From what number can you take half and leave nothing? – 8

What fruit is never found singly? – Pear

What do people do in a clock factory? – They make faces all day.

What word is pronounced quicker by adding a syllable to it? – quick

If someone finds an old coin bearing the date 47 BC and offers to sell it to you for a dollar, how much do you pay? – One dollar

How do eskimos dress?- As quick as possible

How many sides does a circle have? – Two

There is a word of eight letters, if you take away five, only one is left. – Everyone

What letter is a question? – Y

As one of the youngest professors at the university, miss king is on the ? of a brilliant career. – Threshold

The Anglo-Saxons brought the ? religion to britian. – Teutonic

What creature always goes to bed with its shoes on? – Horse

The government’s policies will come under close ? in the weeks before the election. – Scrutiny

The manager tried to wave aside these issues as ? details that would be settled later. – Trivial

The civil rights movement take place in US took place in? – 1960s

The wars of the roses broke out shortly after? – The hundred year’s war

? is not among the anglican churches. – The baptists

The Celts religion was? – Druidism

The celts began to arrive about ? BC and kept coming until the arrival of the Roman – 700

The american civil war broke out and ended in? – 1861/1865

? is the most typically english of sports. – Cricket

What is the longest word in the english language? – smiles

What two words contain thousands of letters? – Post Office

What is the origin of eternity? – The letter e

If two is company and three is a crowd, then what is four and five? – 9

Whats too much for two and just right for one? – Secret

In 597, ? was the first Archbishop of canterbury. – St. Augustine

Robinson Crusoe was written by ? – Daniel Defoe

What cant be used unless broken? – Eggs

How many peas are there in a pint? – One

How do mountain climbers break up with their boyfriends? – They cut ties

What is it that one needs most in the long run? – Breath

Troilus and Cressida is written by? – William Shakespeare

In 1265 Simon summoned the great council to meet together with two knights from each country and two ? from each town. – Burgesses

since our knowledge is none of us can excludes the possibility of being wrong – finite

What moth do soldiers hate? – March

how many days will the torch relay last at 28th olimpic games – 78

It is difficult to ___ of a plan to en poverty – conceive

Without any hesitation, she took off her shoes, ? up her skirt and splashes across the stream – tucked

A modest proposal is written by – jonathan swift

What is the best year for a kangaroo!! – leap year

What nine letter word has seven left if you take four away – seventeen

And higher in the middle? – ohio

What lives on its own sustance and dies when it devours itself? – straw

Theodore Dreiser was the representative of – naturalist

what letter separates europe from africa – c

Canada is located in the – northern hemisphere

How many members are there in the house of commons? – 651

What three letters turn a girl into a woman? – DAB

What will make more noise in your house than a dog? – 2 dogs

Which state of the United States is round at both ends and high in the middle? – Ohio

Mark Twin’s masterwork was? – The adventures of Hugh leberry finn

Whats the end of the world? – The letter D

? was known as the father of the british navy ? – Balfe

Who is closer to you,your mom or your dad? MOM

What’s the smallest room in the world? A mushroom

Who invented the modern olympic games? Coubertin

Prometheus unbound was written by… Percy Bysse Shelley

Robinson Crusoe was written by… Daniel Dufoe

We know that there are 12 one-cent stamps in a dozen, but how many two-cent stamps are in a dozen? 12

Mark Twin’s masterwork was? The adventures of Huckleberry Finn

the witan, the basis of the privy council was created by? the anglo-saxons

how often is the general election held in britain? every 5 years

What is the eleven letter word that all Yale graduates spell incorrectly? Incorrectly

Captain Singleton is writen by ? Daniel Defoe

EDIT ***: Troilus and cressida is writen by ? William Shakespeare

Now that you passed this test, you will be sent to Desperate Bridge.

You will see an old lady called MengPo:

This old woman will sent you to Hell, you will look like a ghost, but you gotta talk to HellGuard and he will sent you to DevilForest

To pass the old woman test you need to get 2 #Quittensance. You get this item as a battle rewards in Devil Forest.

It might take you a while, when you get the 2x Quittensance, talk to the npc DeathBone and he will take you out, and he will sent you out.

Talk to the NPC ShopKeeperLin who is at the top right corner, you can choose to continue the Quest or leave. If you leave you will be rewarded with one of the following pets: Clebat, Farrow or Tindog. Don’t forget that Tindog is an evolvable pet which has a Super form: Skywolf.

-> -> ->

Note: if you continue the quest…you will be able to evolve your Woldollow (tindog -> Yundog -> Woldollow) into a Skywolf (super stage). Even though, if you wanna evolve your Woldollow into Skywolf, make sure you carry an eggfish, ballfish or] pingpongfish with you, and also a Chibuta or Bluebat, you will need ’em to complete the quest. (to evolve your pet)