Love’s Necklace

Love’s Necklace
Client: Miss Sweet
Location: Moon Valley (28, 40)
Requirement: Deliver a coat and pass messages between the couple.
Reward: Love Necklace (Dexterity +30 with no level restrictions)
Restriction: Females Only
Repeatable: Yes
Miss Sweet has been missing her boyfriend terribly, he’s currently away in the North Lands searching for precious medicines to help Miss Sweet’s grandmother.
Being a caring person, Miss Sweet is concerned for her boyfriend, Maple’s well being and has made a Warm Coat for him. She is looking for someone to deliver the coat to Maple who’s somewhere in the cold Northlands.
Note: Mr. Maple only appears during 20:00 – 21:00 (PST) due to the harsh storms in the north.


Miss.Sweet is reciting a love poem from an ancient song, accept her request to give the coat to her lover who is in the far North searching for medicine.

Go to MoonValley and find Miss.Sweet (28,40) she will give you a coat.

Head to Jade Bridge, at 20:00-21:00 (PST) Mr.Maple will appear, and start searching for the SnowGinseng, during this time you can speak to Mr.Maple to give him the Warm Coat.
Mr.Maple will give you a Ginseng for Miss.Sweet, take the Ginseng back to Miss.Sweet who is waiting in Moon Valley.

Delighted at what you have done for her, Miss.Sweet will give you a Love Necklace.