Making A 50Gr Pet

A guide dedicated to the strongest pets in the world of M&M. Making one will take from one month to three months, if you’re not too active player. So you need alot of patience before getting to it. If you suceed, the result will be very pleasant.

Things you need
7 lvl 11-21 Cindys with GR 5,8+(Better GR, better result)
A base evolveable pet, that you want to make with the best GR you can find(6+)
Reborn 6-7 times(Unless you buy some of the pets)

Always evolve and compose your pets with full HP, without equipment, at maximum level and at the right place[ADD LINK]

Step 1
Pet used: gen 0 Cindyfly
Level the first Cindyfly to 1200(or 1250 as Pet raising god/devil), curing all the injurys it gets right away. Unequip any equipment it has and evolve it at the right place(check here). Now level the Geniva to the maximum level again and evolve it at the right place without any equipment. Now level the Greenfairy to the maximum level. To evolve the Greenfairy(at the right place and without any equipment, of course) you have to advance to Senior God. That’s why you have to Reborn couple of times. Now max the Beasway you got. Congratulations.
Result: Maxed level gen 0 Beasway

Step 2
Pets used: gen 0 main pet and a gen 0 Beasway
Now it’s time to train your main pet. It has to be in 1st evolution form, otherwise the result wont be that good. Max your pet(Dont evolve it) and Compose it with the maxed Beasway at the right place.
Result: gen 1 Main pet

Step 3
Pet used: gen 0 Cindyfly
Make another maxed level Beasway, using step 1 guide.
Result: gen 0 Beasway

Step 4
Pets used: gen 0 Cindyfly and gen 0 Beasway
Level another cindy to 1200 or 1250. Compose the Cindyfly with the Beasway at the right place with Cindy as the main pet and Beasway as a minor pet.
Result: gen 1 Cindyfly

Step 5
Pet used: gen 1 Cindyfly
Make the gen 1 Cindyfly into a beasway(follow the step 1 guide).
Result: gen 1 Beasway

Step 6
Pets used: gen 1 Main pet and gen 1 Beasway
Level your gen 1 main pet to max level again. Compose it with the gen 1 Beasway at the right place. Now you have a Gen 2 main pet.
Result: gen 2 Main pet

Step 7
Pets used: 2x gen 0 Cindyflys
Make 2 gen 1 Cindyflys. Make 1 of them into a max level Beasway and max the other one.
Result: gen 1 maxed Cindyfly, gen 1 maxed Beasway

Step 8
Pets used: gen 1 Cindyfly and gen 1 Beasway
Compose the gen 1 Cindyfly(main pet) with gen 1 Beasway(minor pet). You have a gen 2 Cindyfly now.
Result: gen 2 Cindyfly

Step 9
Pet used: gen 2 Cindyfly
make the Cindyfly to the max level Beasway.
Result: gen 2 Beasway

Step 10
Pets used: gen 2 Main pet and gen 2 Beasway
Compose your gen 2 main pet(main pet) with the gen 2 Beasway(minor pet) at the right place and with flowery rain. Congratulations, you have a gen 3 pet.
Result: gen 3 Main pet(1st evolution)

Step 11
Pet used: gen 3 Main pet(1st evolution)
Max the pet you have and evolve it at the right place without the equipment. Repeat it. Now, to evolve it to the final form you have to be Pet raising god/devil and pay 150-200k prp. You should have problay have enough Pet raising points to advance to Pet raising god/devil and evolve your pet.
Max your pet again(1250 at Pet raising God/Devil)
Result: a gen 3 GR 50+ super pet.

Congratulations. You have a 50GR pet.

Picture To Help Illustrate The Process
 photo p99009-1.gif