Monster at Sword Manor

Monster at Sword Manor
Client: Yi Yun
Location: Sword Manor
Requirement: Find the truth behind Ms. Butterfly’s disappearance, fight level 1500 Earth monsters.
Reward: Red Sword (Attack +50, Defence+50, Level:100)
Restriction: None
Repeatable: Yes
Recently there have been great troubles at Sword Manor. Yi Tian was suddenly struck by a deadly illness, but no sooner than he recovered had his wife suddenly vanished. On top of this, a terrible monster seems to have settled at the bottom of the family water well. Yi Yun is searching for someone who can help him deal with the problem and solve the mystery of Ms. Butterfly’s sudden disappearance. Brave adventurers should head to Sword Manor!
To enter Sword Manor you need approval of the Fisherman at Western Dock who sails a boat to Sword Manor. The Fisherman is friends with Little Linda who lives in Tree City, talk to her and she’ll give you proof of friendship, and then you can sail to Sword Manor.