New Player Information

This guide is to teach new players the basics of the game. Here you will find explanation of some of the game functions such as making and leaving teams, adding people to friend list and the understanding of stat allotment. To navigate faster through this guide to a specific point please use Ctrl + F and type in what are you looking for; below is the table of contents(note Interaction Explanation is below the picture):

Understanding the Control Panel
Virtue Points
Pet Raising Points
KungFu Points
Wuxing Points
Thievery Points
Pet Skills
Equipment for Pets
Registering Pets
The Core Workings of the Game
About Battles
Stat Distribution
Reputation Explanation
About the Chat Channels
Setting up a Vendor
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The above picture shows the basic commands that are essential to the game. As you can see there is an interaction tab where you may find the request/agree friend option. To open this tab simply click on it and various interaction options will be available:
Friends – If you agree to be friends with someone they will be added to your friend list(maximum of 20 friends).
Give Item/money/pet – This interaction lets you give another person a gift.
Trade – A useful function that lets you carry out deals and greatly hindering the chances of getting scammed. May also be used as a Give Item/money/pet option.
Marriage – Allows you to be joined together with a character of the opposite gender. This opens up various posibilities including Couple’s Pass and to transfer pets without injury degree(refer to Pet Raising Points for further information on injury).
Use Medicine – To use this option you need to be in Martial Circle. This allows you to heal others players outside of battle with an item in your inventory.
Send Flower – Allows you to cast a spell which covers the field in flowers. The cost is 1,000,000 silver.
Character and Pet Control Panel: This is the panel which allows you to manage how your character will be based. In the character panel you can find aspects of your character including:
Character Name
Virtue Points
Stat adding
Pet/Kungfu/Wuxing/Thievery points
Learned Kungfu(s)
Item/pet Panel(s).
In the Pet panel you can march and unmarch pets(meaning switch pets from fighting to resting) and options such as:
Learned Skills
Change Name
Understanding the Panels

Virtue Points are given when you help new players level in the game. This option is available to Basic God rank or higher. In order to receive virtue points, however, you must be the leader of an established team(meaning you must have a star over your character).

Pet Raising Points are earned each time you level a pet by one level. Leveling a pet from level 11-1200 you gain about 15,000 pet raising points(Credits to Sphinx for this information). The higher the points you have on Pet Raising the higher the loyalty of caught pets will be. However, you stand to lose pet raising points when a pet dies in battle. For more information on Pet Raising check the following link : Fundamentals of Pet Raising.

KungFu Points are awarded for each try at making kungfu. Standard kungfu(below 1,000 damage) will give you one point per try. Difficult kungfu(above 1,000 damage) will give you fifty points per try. If you are successful at creating a standard kungfu you will be given two points instead of one. If you are successful at creating a difficult kungfu you will be given one hundred points instead of fifty. For more information on Uses of Kungfu and Making and Leveling Kungfu check the appropriate links.

Wuxing Points are earned when you successfully wux two things to form a new one, each wux gives you one point(max is 999 without the use of volumes). For more information on how to wux please check the following link : Wuxing Oven Basics.

Thievery Points can be acquired by doing the Thievery Quest over and over again, each time you successfully complete the quest you earn 20 points, or trying your luck out with field experience. However, be warned that if you happen to fail too many times you can end up in jail.

Pet Skills are taught to pets to help them win in battles. Skills can be acquired by doing a Quest, Sky Pass, or Friend’s Pass. Pet’s Skills negate elemental restrictions(which is to say that if a pet is weak against another pet) if skills such as double hit and sneak attack are used on the opposing pet. For example: if your pet is a gianwhite and the opposing pet is a coliphant normal attacks would do (1) damage. If pet skills are used then your pet would do more damage than just (1).

Equipment for Pets can be purchased at the jewelry store (same place where shoes can be bought). Pets may be equipped with items such as: jades and rings. Be aware that a pet can only wear items that are lower or equal to his level (similar to the gear you are allowed to wear as a player).

Evolution can be achieved once a pet is level 500 or above and has 100 loyalty. To evolve a pet go into the Pet Control Panel and click the evolution button. Make sure the pet is at 100% health and you are evolving in appropriate map.

Registering Pets is something that all players must do to make catching pets easier. Once a pet has been leveled 10 levels without losing in battle you may register the pet. To do this click the Register button below the pet’s display picture and it will be added to the Pet Catalogue where you may see additional information about the pet. This is also a must to advance to Super God.

The Core Workings of the Game

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About Battles. Battles can be entered at the click of the Fight button found in the game window. Once in battle you will be faced with an interface that will look similar to the picture below. Explanation of the buttons are above the icons. You may enable auto fight by going to : Command > Auto Fight.

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Stat Distribution is important and a crucial factor in leveling in the game. During mortal levels you will find it hard to level if you do not correctly add stats. It is recommended to add more points to defense to level faster in higher areas. Also you should match dexterity with your pet so both player and pet gain experience points per battle. Attack is the factor that determines the damage inflicted to an opponent(monster) in battle. Defense is the ability to restrain damage in battle; this will help you level faster at higher places. Dexterity is the speed and determines the order in which you attack in battle. Mana is useful when broadcasting(minimum of sixty points is needed to broadcast) and kungfu. Health is the maximum amount of hit points your character has. *Note* a ratio of 3:1 exist in mana; meaning for 1point added to mana you get 3 mana.

Reputation Explanation. Reputation is acquired in battle against monsters. You gain reputation when you win against monsters. You lose reputation when you lose a battle. Reputation can also be acquired through round pk (which is different from regular pk: can be found by going to Command > Round pk). Reputation is lost through pk if you are pk’ed too many times. Reputation is useful for an advancement for devils: Reputative Devil advancement. Aside from that reputation is mostly for display (only you can see your reputation).

About the Chat Channels. The chat channels are found in the chat box inside the game window. You will notice the various letters near the bottom; those are the chat channels that you use to communicate with other players.
Normal chat means that only people around you can hear(local). This is to say that only the players in the same map as you can hear.
Whisper channel is a direct line between you and another person. This is a long distance channel but only one person can hear you(must specify person you want to talk to).
Team chat is a local channel bound by the people in your team; only the individuals in the same team as you can hear you.
Broadcast is a universal chat where everyone in the server can hear you; this is useful when you want to sell/buy a particular item/pet.
Friend/Guild channels are bound to people only that are on your friend list/same guild. These two are the most favored channels in the game.
Spouse channel is only usable if you are married in game. If you are then your husband/wife can hear you through this channel; same as whisper but there is no need to type the name of your spouse.