Pet Raising at A Detailed Glance

Pet Raising

Basic Language/information

¤ GR = Growth Rate
¤ Growth Rate – points a pet gets to allot(add) to its stats(attack, dexterity, defense).
¤ Life Growth Rate – Amount of Hit Points a pet gets per level.
¤ Pet Composing – Fusing(combining) two pets to form a new and better pet.

¤ Generation 1: Can be achieved by composing a generation 0 with a generation 0 pet.
¤ Generation 2: Can be achieved(best) by composing a genaration 1 with a generation 1. Can also be acquired by composing a generation 1 with a generation 0.
¤ Generation 3: Final Stage of composing. Can be acquired(best) by composing a generation 2 with a generation 2. Can also be acquired by composing a generation 2 with a generation 0 or generation 2 with a generation 1.
¤ Injury points – Affects growth rate. Results of pet dieing in battle, a trade, or a transfer of a pet(check bottom for more information)
¤ Default Injury for All Pets is (1).
¤ Sky Pill and Pet Drug – Used to heal Injury Points(check bottom for more information).

Pet Raising Basics

¤ The basics of Pet Raising requires devotion to training a pet from the beginning to the end, that is to say from level 1 to level 1200.
¤ Properly raising a pet includes knowing and keeping the growth rate of a selected pet to a standard that satisfys the raiser.
¤ To find out growth Rate you will need to use the following formula:

(Add together the attack + dexterity + defense of a pet at current level) – (The sum of the attack + dexterity + defense of a pet at level 1) divided by (current level -1)

If Pet’s current level is: 11
If Current Stats are: 24 defense; 26 attack; 25 dexteirty
and If Level 1 stats were: 4 attack; 5 defense; 5 dexterity
Then Formula would be: (24 defense + 26 attack + 25 dexterity) – (4 attack + 5 defense + 5 dexterity) / ( 11 – 1)
Growth Rate will be: 6.1

¤ Growth Rate is affected by mainly Pet Injury Points. To heal these you will need a pet drug or sky pill depending on the injury degree.
¤ Level pets with at least 95% of max hp. Try to keep as high as possible.

Pet Raising for the Intermediate

¤ There are factors that contribute to the manner of a pet. Which I will now go over.
¤ Battle formations training slightly by: distorting allotation of pet attributes for each level the pet gains under formation.
¤ Pet Equipments also influence the distribution of attributes for pets.
¤ There is a thing called above and beyond in some words. This is to say that a pet can go up to 150 loyalty while resting during the time you level. It will not be displayed but would increase(takes 250 human levels to add 50 loyalty to unmarching pets).

Pet Raising for the Advanced

¤ Train a pet at 100% health upon each level gain.
¤ When evolving and composing pets cast rain spell(Advanced > Summon > Rain) for a slight increase in growth rate.
¤ Elemental restriction can work to either advantage or disadvantage. Keep in mind the elemental chart:
Fire is restrained by Water
Water is restrained by Earth
Earth is restrained by Wood
Wood is restrained by Metal
Metal is restrained by Fire

¤ Pet Wuxing is achievable and at times a necessity. To increase an attribute you will need to restrain two other attributes. However, you can control just how much you do this by wuxing two things into a pet:


To Increase: While Keeping: Wux:
Attack Defense A Sword and an Armor
Attack Dexterity A Sword and a Shoe
Defense Dexterity An Armor and a Shoe
Defense Attack An Armor and a Sword
Dexterity Defense A Shoe and an Armor
Dexteirty Attack A Shoe and a Sword

¤ The points required to increase a stat depends on the stats of the other attributes. Usually I experiment with wuxing one piece of equipment with twice as many points that i want to increase:
Example: Pets current Attack: 200; Sword Attack to use: 400

¤ To keep a stat around the same point as it is now use half the stats of what your main wuxing is:
Example: Main wuxing: Sword with 400 attack; Keeping dexterity around the same: Shoe with 200 dexterity.

¤ The one ingredient lacking will be restrained the most while the others will benefit from the loss of points of the minor stat.
¤ Wuxing does not add injury points to the pet but merely redistributes points to the lesser traits.
¤ Equiping your pet with some gear may be required at some point(to ease the leveling, use if desired).
¤ Evolving in a restraining place can cause MUTATION. Such as a Puridragon might evolve into a Dardragon instead of a Bludragon.
¤ When raising pets ALWAYS equip a pk weapon this will speed up your pet raising greatly.
¤ All pets start out with an injury of ONE. Go to magic eyeball in nhc zoo to see your marching pet’s injury rate for 20 prp.
¤ Rewards for pet raisers are in the form of pet raising points which can be used in the zoo to BUY PETS. Can also be used to go pet raising god (200k) to evolve a pet to the fourth stage if it is possible such as a gianred, monring etc etc.
¤ Almost never train in a formation it will mess up the stats and kill the gr in the long run. If you don’t got enough def go to another place.

Non-Evolvable Information

¤ When making a generation 3 non evolvable keep in mind the Elemental Restrictions when composing.
¤ You can use other minor pets to increase the generation of the pet such as Gianwhite and Elf from FireQuest *note* Both of these pets can be made into generation pets via: Senior Devil Advancement or FireQuest.
¤ Non-Evolvable pets do not gain medals since they do not evolve. A method to gain medals is Composing or random Battle Rewards(only attack and dexterity medals).
¤ Non-Evolvable Pet’s Max Level: Generation 0 = 1200; Generation 1 = 1300; Generation 2 = 1400; Generation 3 = 1500.
¤ Pet Raising God Bonus may be used on non-evovalble but after lvl 1500 they can no longer enter Pet Fights in respected Cities.

Other information

¤ Sky Pill is used to heal a pet of 30 injury points.
¤ Pet Drug is used to heal a pet of 10 injury points.
¤ Sky Pill and Pet Drug are acquired from:
AAA House Pet Doctor : (1) sky pill and (2) pet drugs a day.
Pet Vendors: 300-400k for (1) pet drug; 500k-600k for (1) sky pill *note: Prices vary with seller*
Guild Mate: Generous guild members might hand out pet drugs or sky pills for free or sell for cheap.

¤ Always Evolve and Compose in Corresponding Place to Avoid Mutation or other side effects.
¤ A PK weapon may be used to assist the help on leveling if you have the proper stats.
¤ Super God Pets can be made by 4th Evolution courtesy of Pet Raising God/Devil.
¤ When wuxing pets use elements of wuxing oven(i.e. sword on proper spot for wuxing).
¤ Use Wuxing Elements when wuxing pets(i.e. water pet on water spot) :
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Pet Raising Calculations (Points you earn when making a 50growth rate pet):

Pet Raising from 1-1200: 15,019
Raising from cindyfly-Beasway: 15,019 x 4
Total: 60,076 Pet Raising points
Raising 6 cindyflys to beasway: 60,076 x 6
Total: 360,456 Pet Raising points

Raising Cindyfly for Composing: 15,019 x 3
Total: 45,057 Pet Raising Points

Evolution Point Bonus: 170 Per Stage
Evolving Cindyflys to Greenfairy: 170 x 2
Total: 340
Evolving All Cindyflys to Greenfairy: 340 x 6
Total: 2,040 Pet Raising Points

Putting it all together:
360,456 Pet Raising points + 45,057 Pet Raising Points + 2,040 Pet Raising Points
Total: 407,553 Pet Raising Points.*
Not including Main Pet

*note* Above numbers are my own Findings. It should hold up as long as the same point gain is constant.

~Written by CriM