Pet Raising Basic Information

Pet raising is very simple when you know what information is needed to make a good pet. A good pet is needed to do quests, passes, and other things. It may seem a bit difficult at first but as you progress it gets simpler, easier
Below are a couple of things, if not most things, you need to know.

Growth Rate
Growth rate is the point attributes a pet gets per level. It may differ depending on the Growth rate. The higher the growth rate the more points the pet gets. This is basically how you know that the pet you have is a good pet. The growth rate also depends on what kind of pets. (example: cindyflies can have a good gr beginning at 5.9 yet Antters [pigs] can have a good growth rate at around 4.)

How to find growth rate
Growth rate can be figured out by using a simple formula:

(add all the stats except health, that is to say attack/defense/dexterity) – (level 1 stats attack/defense/dexterity) / (current level – 1)

Another way to find out growth rate is to use MonsterKit which does all the math for you.

What affects growth rate
One thing that may affect growth rate is pet injuries. This is due to the fact that it has died in battle, been traded (bough or simply traded), or caught in the wild. Usually caught pets have injury of 1. The only exception to the trading rule is trading with your spouse.

How to Check injury points
To check injury points you can take a trip to new hill city(can get via General Valley). Go to the very top to the pet store and talk to the npc there. The only downside is that it will cost you 20 pet raising points.

How to heal injury
To heal injury you can use a pet drug or sky pill. Pet drug heals 10, Sky Pill heals 30.

Where to get PetDrug and SkyPill
These can be acquired from a AAA house by default. More than likely , however, you can get them from a pet vendor or guild member.

How to Raise Pets for best growth rate
Make sure it has at least 95% of its total health. Also heal it before each level up to insure it gets a bit more growth rate. Also 100 loyalty can help.

[Note] Casting rain spell(Advanced > summon > rain) can increase the growth rate of pets when evolving.