Ping-Pong Fish

Client: Hua Hua
Location: Snow City Pet Store, Snow City, Northern Scenery.
Requirement: Fetch a level 1 Jingle.
Reward: Mermaid Necklace.
Restriction: None.
Repeatable: Yes.
Hua Hua lives at the Pet Store in Snow City rather comfortably and happily. However; he has been very worried about his friends, Jingles who are trapped in Hell. If you can rescue some level 1 Jingles from Hell, he will give you a mermaids necklace for each Jingle you bring back.
A rumour has been emerging between adventurers that fish in the mermaid family love these necklaces. A fish like this lives in the Pet Store in the city of searing heat, Sand City. However, there is also a mermaid living in Ocean City who would like the necklace.



Go to SnowCityPetstore and speak to HuaHua (23,11) afterwards go to SpikyHell and catch a level 1 Jingle. After getting the Level 1 Jingle return to HuaHua and give the Jingle for him, he will reward you with a Mermaid Necklace. Then go to SandCityPetStore and speak to LittleFairy (11,18). You will be rewarded with a Pingpongfish if you give her a Mermaid Necklace.

Receive: Pingpong Fish