[PK] Beginners Guide

Basic Understanding of the PK System

The PK system can be categorized into three different parts: kungfu, darting, vitaling. Each of these functions require a certain stat(s) to be dominant in order to be successful in execution. To ensure you are not affected by these things be sure you are outside of the martial circles if you’re not a willing participant in said activities.


Kungfu is the ability and the hit ratio of kungfu you have learned or created in order to be successful in this part of PK. Kungfu is based into three things in its necessety:
Mana : This is what every successful kungfu pker will need in order to perform attacks. This also acts as your defense when engaging opponents.
Attack : Without attack the attacks you perform will be all but just gusts of wind. This will act as your firepower giving you the advantage in some cases over opponents.
Dexterity : In every battle you have to be able to dodge any or at least many of the hits that are launched against you. Dexterity acts as your defense mechanism, primary defense, in any kungfu exhibition.
In any round of Kungfu Pk you are to have enough attack and mana to support your kungfu. Equipment counts towards the total effect of the attributes meaning that you do not have to have base points on each stat for a kungfu to work efficiently. At least half of the damage inflicted in battle. This is to say that if your kungfu does 1,000 damage in battle you should have at least 500 attack to support that kungfu(minimal). of course the higher the attack the better damage while pking.


Darting is the battle between bought or wuxed items known as darts. To be a successful darter you will need two things and a third item to be a suitable opponent/victor:
Attack : This is what damages the other character forcing them to the emergency room in a sense. Your attack plus the attack given by the dart is the damage done to the opponent. Equipments matter.
Dexterity : This is what allows you to dodge the incoming darts and hopefully give you enough time to launch an attack of yours. This does not mean it affects attack speed in any way, just the chanses of you dodging.
Defense : Similar to mana in kungfu this attribute allows you to abosrb the damage inflicted by the attack portion of this system. Equipments matter.

The ability of vitaling does not depend on anything but mana. The more mana you have with the added bonus of equipment the better and heavier the lock will be. A vitaler’s stats should consist of mainly:
Mana : The foundation and the only true necessity of vitaling. The higher your mana the better you will be at it.
Health : This is in case any kungfu people try and stun you out. With the added bonus of mana and hp it will take several hits before a successful knockout(depending on kungfu level).
Other Information

Kungfu needs to be leveled in battle for better knockout rations and higher damage when doing attacks.
Health is useful in all aspects of the pk system since it will take a longer time to knock out said person. To create higher index kungfus therefore increasing the overall damage be sure you have at least 2,000 attack(for 2 index) and 1,000 mana(maximum if you are seeking to make a 2,000att/1,000mana kungfu). To level kungfu be sure to go to Bandit Cave Entry since you will not receive any battle rewards meaning more room for mana heals.

When entering the martial circle to pk be sure that you store your money so it will not get stolen by other players. Thievery mostly depends on skill level and dexterity. A combination of both or a influential factor of one over the other(not 100% sure on this in other words). Thieves cannot successful steal while on clouds as it greatly reduces their success rate.