Reborn or Rebirth is basically becoming back into a mortal but gaining Cultivation from your rebirth/reborn. Also you get bonus points to add to your defense or dexterity! You gain cultivation and you can change the look of your character. Rebirth/Reborning is simple. All you have to do is complete a quest but before you can you should know that there are two types of rebirth/reborn. One is Single Reborn where you reborn by yourself but the other type is Couple Reborn where you reborn with your spouse.

In a Single reborn all you lose your Spouse and Guild. Also you can reborn as any gender character you want.
In a Couple reborn you lose your guild but not your spouse. The disadvantage of this is that if you want to reborn as a different gender character you can’t. You have to reborn as the same gender.

Single Reborn

Starting Point: Eastern Dock. Find Sky Spirit (10, 21)
Afterwards he will send you to Sad Spirit in Sad Mood (16,36) Sad Spirit will ask you to Bring him a Ghost Jade. He will send you to Wudang Mountain and have you find Taoist Yuan. Give him the token but he tells you he doesn’t have anymore Soul Jades. He asks you to acquire one by traveling to Deaf Hell. Once in Deaf Hell find Red Crab. He will have you fight a few monsters. Go back to Taoist Juan and he will give you a ghost jade. Once you have the Soul Jade take it back to Moon Spirit. but before giving him the Jade make sure ALL of your armour is deposited and both Mana and life is full.

Couple Reborn:
The couple reborn is similar to single reborn except when handing the Ghost Jade to Sad Moon you have to be in a team with your spouse.
Don’t forget to take off ALL Armor, Shoes, Weapons, Headgear, etc.

First Reborn:
Junior Senior Super Master
10 15 20 25

Reborns Thereafter
Junior Senior Super Master
Current Bonus +10 +15 +20 +25

Credit to Metalman213