Snow Wolf Lake Quest

Snow Wolf Lake Quest
First of all, go to find Little Wolf on the top of HuaMountain(31,42),give him a level one Wolfellow and you will be sent to the Snow Wolf Cliff. It’s a beautiful place(*_*).
Old Wolf(28,27)is viewing the moon alone in the Cliff. Talk to him and you’ll hear a touching love story widespread among the wolf tribe. After you hear the story, you agree to help Old Wolf. He will give you the Seed of True Love. (With it you’ll be able to get in and out of the Snow Wolf Cliff freely.)

Old Wolf will ask you to come to Snow Wolf Cliff between 22:00pm and 23:59pm, when the Time Wound is open. Come to the Snow Wolf Cliff on time and Old Wolf will send you to the Time Wound, which is an amazing place that has a reverse time model compared to the outside wound. It is night in the Time Wound while the outside world is in daytime. Here you find Wolf Hu (12,11). With the Seed of True Love he will be able to make it blossoming to a White Ball Flower resembling for true love. Wolf Hu will ask you to come again at midnight to bring the White ball flower to his lover for him.

Go to Old Wolf between real world time 7:00am-8:59am and you will be able to get in the Time Wound again! It’s starring night at the Time World. Wolf Hu will send you to the Lake of Snow Wolf where his lover NingSnow lives ( 27,20 ).
Give the White Ballflower to NingSnow, she will give you a pair of Love Spirit Shoes of which only people believe in true love could be the master.
True Love Shoes: + 200 dexterity no level limit.