Theories Of Pet Raising

1. DO NOT let your pet die during training for any reason.
2. Heal your pet every level up and make sure it always has at least 95% of its total health
3. Every pet has default 1 injury point so remember using Pet Drug or Sky Pill on your pet every time it reach level 1 (begin training, after compose or evolve). And remember checking injury points of your marching pet at New Hill City (make sure it is always 0 point) 😀
4. When you want to level a pet make sure that you leave all the slots in the pet list are empty. (Its important when you test something like cindies)
5. Make your level near your pet level (at least at the first levels )
6. Don’t level your low level pet in high level pets (for e.g your pet is 100 and you play with 1200 that will effect GR ) but its better to switch a pet as soon as it’s ready during lower levels. When you’re fighting low levels you often get a lot of -1 (which of course, is healed) but not much exp. Cause u get a lot of -1, you get a hidden injury kind of thing.
7. Cast flowery rain when you evolve and compose
8. Look at this topic for composing and evolving places And Evolving/
9. It is okay if you equip the pet while leveling. the Gr wont decrease or increase
10. Equip your pet while evolve will effect GR of your pet like wuxing pet so for the best choice, you shouldn’t do that unless you know clearly about it
11. If you are a Master of Pet Raising God/Devil, you can get extra max level of your pet so it will increase your pet GR.